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Can Cockroach Survive a Nuke?

You have probably come here in search of answers after watching 3d animated movie Wall-E. Wall-E depicts vast destruction on the earth’s surface, probably after a nuclear war without any soul surviving except for a roach.

Can cockroaches survive a nuke? NO! Cockroaches, including American, German, Smokey Brown, or Palmetto bugs, cannot survive a nuke in the immediate vicinity. The survival of a cockroach or any other living creature depends on the distance from the blast site and the shelter offered by objects.

Another story unfolded soon after the nuclear attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki when cockroaches started crawling out of the rebel. People were amazed and astonished to see roaches alive. Soon a myth began to surface around the globe about roaches. People started believing that roaches are capable of surviving a nuke.

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What makes Cockroaches so Resilient?

Cockroaches are considered one of the resilient creatures on earth. They have adapted themselves so well to the earth’s environment that they are seen surviving in almost every part of the world. To summarize, the following features make cockroaches so resilient and difficult to kill,

  1. Cockroaches have resilient bodies that are safeguarded by exoskeleton. The exosekelton is tough and has ability to resist squashing and compression yet is flexible enough to allow roaches to squeez themselves through tinnest holes.
  2. Cockroaches have got ability to modify their bodies and systems to survive the changing atmospheric parameters.
  3. Organ regenration is another ability to make cockroaches quite resilient. They can survive days without head and other body parts.
  4. Cockroaches have the ability to survive without oxygen for up to 40 minutes, rendering them nearly immposible to drwan.
  5. They can reproduce without males.
  6. They have excellent ability and resistance to high doses of radiation than other creatures.

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Can Cockroaches Withstand Explosions?

A nuclear blast has different zones of destruction. Depending upon the weight and type of nuclear material used, the blast destruction radius varies. Approximately 1 Mile (1.6 KM) is the area of maximum destruction for a one-megaton atomic warhead. Any living being in this area will be immediately vaporized due to intense heat and radiation.

The second radius of up to 1.2 Miles will sustain severe damage. After 1.2 miles, chances of survival start increasing. Any living creature, including cockroaches, will never withstand the nuclear explosion up to 1.2 miles and will either vaporize due to radiations and heat or shatter due to blast waves.

In short, cockroaches can not withstand explosions; the survival of cockroaches is just another myth.

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Can anything survive a nuclear blast?

Nuclear blast emits a lot of energy in the form of heat and radiation. From the blast site up to 500 meters, the temperature can reach several thousand degrees centigrade (hotter than the sun’s surface). The heat from a nuclear blast can easily vaporize most metals, including iron.

Although a thick layer of lead or concrete can save living beings outside of 1.2 miles radius, Nothing can survive a nuclear blast in the immediate vicinity. Everything will vaporize that comes in direct contact with a nuclear explosion.

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