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Do Roaches Make Noise?

Noises from insects like crickets can be really annoying. They can give you the sensation of ringing in the ears (resembling tinnitus) and can sometimes even disturb your sleep. Besides the bad aspects, the noise from cockroaches or palmetto bugs can be a sign of infestation, and this is how we can check on them. Although, cockroaches do not make a noise like crockets.

Do Roaches Make Noise? Yes! Roaches make three types of noises, but the noises are not loud or hissy, like crickets. First, a chirping sound when they are threatened. Second, a cracking sound when they eat. And third, stridulation, when roaches rub their wings, legs, and other parts of the body. This is mostly when they mate.

Here is how a cockroach sounds:

Roaches Chirping Sound
Roaches Cracking Sound

Noises produced by insects vary among different species. The frequency (pitch) of sound is the character that makes them different. This feature comes in handy at identifying them.

Cockroaches are no different than other insects when it comes to producing noise. Let me conclude roach sounds in the article below.

General Charcteristics of Insect Noises

Some of the insects noises can be disconcerting to people, especially in a silent environment and the comfort of a bedroom. Others may find it pleasant and soothing, like lying outside in Grand Canyon and staring at the clear sky, twinkling stars, and gigantic galaxies.


The pitch or frequency of the sound is what makes the roaches different from other insects. For example, insects like cricket have a high-pitched tumbling sound. This type of sound makes you turn on your nerves. Based on frequency, the sound may be shrill, chirping, or crackling.


Some insects produce loud sounds that can be heard from a distance, like your backyard. Others are not quite loud and can be clearly masked in the surrounding sounds. For example, roaches make very faint noises that are difficult to hear.

Noise Made by Cockroaches

Roaches do produce noise (sound) but are usually subtle and not loud. So if you hear a lot of noises, then either there is a ton of roaches in a location, or it’s a noise from some other insects.

Cockroaches produce three types of noises:

  1. Chirping noise is usual for roaches to produce. This is a high pitched piercing sound and is usually produced by other insects as well. Roaches produce this sound when they are thretend or may be fighting with there mate.
  2. Cracking Sound is a utter short sound like eating of leaves. Cockroaches usually produce it when they are feeding on something. These sounds usually comes from kitchen cupboards or drawers. If you are noticing it more often then something is wrong. It is pointing towards there increasing number.
  3. Stridulation is sound produced by cockroaches and other insects when they rub their wings, legs and other part of body. This is mostly when they mate.
Chirping Sound
Cracking Sound

How loud is Cockroach noise?

Here in this chart, I have compared how loud a cockroach noise will be. The sound is very faint and hard to hear. You will have to remove or turn off all sound sources if you want to hear the noise.

Cockroaches may not create noise all the time, so you may have to wait for a few mins to get a chance to hear something. Further, there is almost no noise when a cockroach crawl due to multiple legs, which distribute their weight evenly across all joints resulting in a soft landing.

Sound SourceLoudness in DecibelsHow Loud?
A leaf falling10 dBAlmost Not Audible
Roach Chirping & Cracking15-20 dBDifficult to hear
Roach Stridulation20-30 dBAudible
Rustles of autumnal leaves20 dBAudible
Whispering30 dBVery Quiet
Refrigerator working50 dBLimited sound
Human conversation60 dBAudible
Vacuum cleaner70 dBIrritating
Fighter jet at 300 m100 dBExtremely unpleasant

How to hear out roach noises?

Ok, so from the table shared above, it is clear that it’s tough to hear out palmetto bugs or roaches noises, but not entirely impossible.

You can increase the odds by doing the following.

  1. Turn off all exhaust fans
  2. Turn off your firdge
  3. Turn off all fans
  4. Turn off all lights as palmetto bugs and roches are more active when its dark
  5. Make sure to close all windows, doors and drop curtins to block outside noises.
  6. Create a pin drop silence scenario. Just make sure the kids are sleeping 🙂

Now you get a chance to hear out the noises of cockroaches. To hear them out, go close to the most likely place they can hide in and silently sit with being all ears. You are mostly like to hear Stridulation.

Why do Roaches Make Noises?

Do Palmetto Bugs Make Noises?

Noises from roaches are not audible unless someone is exceptionally observant. There are three main reasons for the noise or sound produced by cockroaches:

1. Mating

Roaches usually mate during the hot, humid season. This is the time when they produce the loudest sound. The sound is produced by their fluttering wings or legs and by the male bug rubbing its pronotum. This attracts not only female bugs but also alerts other male bugs.

2. Fighting

Fighting for survival is intrinsically fitted into every creature. Likewise, roaches also fight each other, mostly for food, space, or the female partner. As the number of roaches increases in confined space, so are the chances of fighting and noise.

3. Eating

Although they are omnivorous, cockroaches like to feed on sweet and starchy food. The sound produced by eating is very subtle and can only be heard in pin-drop silence. So if you are noticing a cracking sound from your kitchen cupboard, this may be likely from a feeding roach.

Do Roaches Hear Sounds Or Noise?

No! roaches do not have hearing apparatus like other creatures, so they cannot hear sound or noise. Instead, they have Vibration receptors called Mechanoreceptors in their joints and antennal hairs, informing them about incoming danger. Moreover, the receptors are so sensitive that vibration from sound can also activate them.

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