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Does Ultrasonic Pest Control Work on Roaches?

We all wonder if there is a hand-off method to kill roaches without the use of insecticides or baits.

Ultrasonic pest devices do come to our mind as a solution to control roaches, but does ultrasonic pest control work on roaches?

The answer to this is a straight NO.

Ultrasonic pest control does not work on roaches because cockroaches communicate via smells, and introducing an ultrasonic sound won’t disturb their life cycle. Multiple pieces of research have proven it ineffective. Roaches are good at sensing low-frequency, high-amplitude vibrations via their antennas, and vibrations from ultrasonic sound are high frequency, low-amplitude to bother roaches.

On the other hand, ultrasonic pest control devices work on crickets as crickets sing to attract mates, promote copulation, and in aggressive interactions with rivals. (Source)

Why Ultrasonic Pest Control does not work on cockroaches?

The fundamental reason for ultrasonic pest control not working are these two:

Reason 1: Roaches communicate via smells

First, the primary reason for ultrasonic pest control devices not working on roaches is that they do not disturb the cockroaches’ life cycle.

Cockroaches communicate with each other via special secretions called pheromones. These pheromones help roaches to find colonies, food, and mate.

Introducing ultrasonic voices won’t affect these smells, and roaches will ignore them. However, roaches will become used to these sounds.

You can use natural smell repellants which can keep roaches away.

Reason 2: Roaches listen through vibrations

Another reason for these ultrasonic pest control devices not working on roaches is how they detect sound. Even this study has shown that roaches are kind of deaf to sounds.

Cockroaches listen to vibrations via their pair of antennas. So loud sounds with lower frequency (Ultrasonic sound is a high-frequency sound above 20K HZ) can generate air currents a roach can pick to detect movements and danger.

So sounds from these devices will have little effect on cockroaches to keep them away.

One Device Which Works

But there is excellent news.

There is one device that works 100%.


The device does not work on the principle of sounds, but it releases hormones that stop roaches to molt. Molting is when roaches shed their skin to become white cockroaches (Also known as Albino Roach).

The presence of these hormones signals the roaches not to shed their skin yet, and this way, the small roaches will never grow into adult roaches.

The device is called an Insect Growth Regulator.

An off-hand device other than pest control devices which actually works

All you have to do is install one device per infested room in a hidden place, and you will be all good for 3 months.

For better results, invest in a bait to finish the adult roaches. Also, make sure to seal all entry points, so you don’t have roaches from the outside. The complete recipe is as follows.

Before you read further, just a quick question. Tired of cockroaches and looking for a permanent solution?

Stop wasting your time, invest in these products and follow this guide: How to get rid of roaches? You will be roach-free in 10-20 days.

1. Max Force Glue Traps
2. Advion Gel Baits
3. Harris Powder Bait
4. Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator
5. Loctite Foam Sealent

Optional Items
1. Gel Bait Professional Gun
2. Torch
3. Powder Bait Puffer
4. Insecticide Spray to kill a reveled colony in a single shot