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How Long Does Combat Roach Bait Gel Last? [Check HERE]

Combat roach bait is one of the most popular and effective bait gels, which is extremely easy to use and can destroy the nests of cockroaches.

It is impressive if you have already purchased these Combat Roach Gel Baits and wondering how often you need to change them.

How Long Does Combat Roach Bait Gel Last?

There is only one type of combat roach gel available on the market. According to the manufacturer, the Combat Roach Gel Bait last three months after its application.

However, the total duration of the bait trap can vary depending on the location, temperature, humidity, and consumption.

Generally, you can find the information on how long the combat gel bait will last at the back of the packaging, but to be on the safer end, you can replace them a little early.

Tired of cockroaches? Invest in only these products and follow the guide to eliminate roaches!

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2. Hot Shot Foggers (To kill in masses – 95%)
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4. Ortho Defence Outdoor Roach Killer (Prevent Roaches)

How Long will a Combat Roach Bait Last?

You can easily find the information on will a combat gel bait lasts on the back of the packaging.

COMBAT Gel Bait for Roaches:

Unlike combat roach traps, there is only one type of combat roach gel sold by the manufacturer. They do come in different sizes, but the product is the same.

  1. Combat Roach Killer Gel – 30 Gm
  2. Combat Roach Killer Gel – 60 Gm
Combat Roach Gel Bait comes in two sizes

Since both sizes have identical products, they will last for three months under normal circumstances. You should replace it if you start seeing roaches again.

The instructions on the back also direct to check the gel after one month and reapply if it’s consumed by the roaches.

The gel bait can turn into a dark black glue substance under high temperatures and humid environments, as shown in the picture.

Its better to replace the gel after 2-3 Months

Why You May Need to Replace a Combat Roach Gel Bait Earlier?

For multiple reasons, you may have to replace a combat roach gel bait earlier than the advised duration.

The most significant sign of replacing the Combat Roach gel bait is roaches reappearing.

1. Location

The location where you place a gel bait can affect how early you will have to reply. For example, a pinch of gel bait placed inside a drawer may attract fewer roaches; hence it may not be consumed in time. Similarly, one placed on the bathroom floor may get wet and need an early reapplication.

You need to ensure the bait is placed in the right recommended place to be efficient both time and kills-wise.

2. Temperature

Temperature around the gel bait can also affect how long it will last before replacing it. For example, a gel bait applied near a stove will last shorter than one at a cooler place.

Similarly, low temperatures will also affect the efficiency if it freezes out. The composition of the bait mix will alter at low and high temperatures.

3. Humidity

Humidity is also a vital piece of the puzzle. A humid environment will affect the spread of aroma to attract roaches and make a combat gel bait less effective. In addition, the humidity can alter the chemistry of the bait, so you may have to replace it earlier.

Similarly, a dry environment will also spread more aroma than required to dry the combat gel bait quickly. So a moderate humidity level works best with Combat Roach Trapper. The stated duration for this combat gel bait is under normal circumstances.

4. Consumption

If the infestation is high or you have a constant inflow of roaches from somewhere else, this can result in immediate bait consumption; hence you will have to replace it earlier.

Roaches sleep during the daytime and are active at night, so you may be unable to watch roaches consuming the bait in front of you.

5. Insecticide Sprays or Foggers

Using foggers or insecticide spray can make the combat gel bait ineffective. This is because the spray can mess with the chemistry of the Combat Gel Bait to make it ineffective.

The Combat roach gel bait is made with food chemistry which attracts roaches, while on the otherhand insecticide sprays repel roaches.

So you may have to reapply the gel bait after bombing or using an insecticide spray.

Other Alternatives to Gel Baits

Gel baits are hard to apply and not so safe around kids and pets. Roach trappers and bait stations work more efficiently. Some of the Combat Roach Trappers can even last 12 Months.

TrapperDuration to change
Regular Combat Roach Killing Bait (Amazon Link)Max 3 Months
Combat Max 12 Month Roach Killing Bait (Amazon Link)Max 12 Months
Maxforce FC Roach Killer Small Bait Stations Insecticide (Amazon Link)Max 3 Months
Hot Shot Roach Killer (Amazon Link)Max 3 Months
Raid Double Control, Large Roach Baits
(Amazon Link)
Max 3 Months
TERRO T500SR Multi-Surface Roach Baits
(Amazon Link)
Max 3 Months

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