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How to use Bengal Roach Spray?

Bengal roach spray is a cheap yet excellent product to kill bugs, including roaches. The true odorless and the dry spray property have made me love the product even more. Moreover, the product is supplied with an extension nozzle to penetrate deep into cracks and crevices easily.

To use Bengal roach spray, follow these steps,

  1. Remove children and pets from the area that needs to be sprayed.
  2. Shake the canister well.
  3. Attach the extension nozzle.
  4. Identify and spray right into the roach hiding places including cracks, crevices, kitchen cupboards and drains, bathroom cabinets and drains, under the sink etc.
  5. Keep spraying until you have completely covered the area.
  6. Wait for the results (Bengal spray does not kill instanously because it is a dry bait spray).

Cockroaches not only transmit diseases but can also damage property. Recently one of my friends sold a property that belonged to his grandparents. The reason for selling was a chronic roach infestation. Although the property was enormous, it was received very poorly in the market, to our surprise. So, to make the story short, never underestimate a roach infestation.

Before you read further, just a quick question. Tired of cockroaches and looking for a permanent solution?

Stop wasting your time, invest in these products and follow this guide: How to get rid of roaches? You will be roach-free in 10-20 days.

1. Max Force Glue Traps
2. Advion Gel Baits
3. Harris Powder Bait
4. Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator
5. Loctite Foam Sealent

Optional Items
1. Gel Bait Professional Gun
2. Torch
3. Powder Bait Puffer
4. Insecticide Spray to kill a reveled colony in a single shot

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Although the market is flooded with expensive roach killing sprays that are claimed to be very superior, Bengal roach killer beat out the rest in terms of effectiveness to price ratio. Moreover, the Bengal roach killer spray is easy to use and contains Nyler with a good residual effect.

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