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Man shot after throwing shoe at Roach (Its TRUE)

You will be shocked to hear that a cockroach can end you up in hospital by shooting back at you. Well, not literally buy the bug itself.

According to Detroit police, a man had his revolver inside his shoe for whatever reason, and he encountered a roach. Out of desperation, he accidentally took off that same shoe with the gun inside and threw it at the bug.

Unfortunately, when the shoe hit the ground, the gun fell out of the shoe, discharged, and hit him in the foot.

The condition of the roach and the person is unknown at the moment.

The revenge from this little creature was too much of its own and a unique jaw-breaking case.

Detroit police responded to a man who said he accidentally shot himself while trying to kill a cockroach on March 19, 2019, at home on Albion Street. (WDIV)