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Pet Cockroach (Exotic or Disgusting?)

You have probably kept dogs and cats as pets or even heard about people keeping exotic pets like geckos and lizards, but you will be surprised to know that there are people out there that love keeping roaches as pets. Yes! You heard it right, a pet cockroach, and it’s also worth keeping.

Pet cockroaches are a special breed of roaches that people keep because of their unique and appealing characteristics. There are 30 known species of pet cockroaches, but the Madagascar Hissing cockroach is the most famous, followed by Death Head Cockroach and the Indian domino cockroach. All the pet cockroaches are among some of the biggest known cockroaches and carry negligible chances of indoor infestation.

People keep pet cockroaches because of their appealing beauty, innocent or aggressive nature, pleasing sound, or using them as a gaming tool. In the US, Florida is famous for pet cockroaches such as the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach but requires a permit, and only male roaches are allowed to be kept because of the danger of state-wide infestation.

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What is a Pet cockroach?

There are 3500 species of roaches found around the globe, the US alone houses between 55 to 80 species. Many cockroaches, including the notorious small roaches, have a danger of indoor infestation.

Small cockroaches are classified as dangerous roaches because they transmit diseases, trigger allergies, and asthma episodes. Besides this, they look filthy, greasy, and slimy, live in sewerage, and smell awful like urine.

However, you will be amazed to know that certain breeds of roaches can be kept as pets. Pet cockroach lack the disgusting features mentioned above. These cockroaches are beautiful and pleasing and are in great demand among amateur groups.

The Madagascar Hissing cockroach is one of its kind and is a giant pet cockroach because it has a massive 3-inch size and is among the top 5 biggest cockroaches.

Pet cockroach is unique in many ways mentioned below,

Beautiful Looks

Pet cockroach is different from other roaches because of their looks. The Madagascar Hissing cockroach tops the list of beautiful roaches. It has a tan color with black stripes and a unique pattern like dry bamboo.

Similarly, the Death’s Head cockroach is also a beautiful roach with a distinctive color pattern. When viewed from above, the head plate has a marking resembling a skull, so named Death’s Head roach. In addition, they are dark brown to black and have a flat body.

Distinct Nature

Pet roaches have quite unique nature. Some pet cockroaches like Madagascar Hissing cockroach are pretty innocent, do not bite, and rarely disturb the owner. Instead, they move around like puppies, and the person watching them desires to keep them looking.

Pleasing Sound

The hissing cockroach pet has a unique, pleasing, and attractive sound. Some people only keep the hissing cockroach to listen to its hiss. It’s similar to people keeping black francolin.


Many people keep pet cockroaches for gaming purposes. For example, people often make hissing cockroach pet race and bet on them. The winner is awarded a massive amount of money.

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Is keeping a Pet Roach worth it

Everybody has different desires and hobbies, some love cars while others love huge mansions. Interestingly, keeping a pet is embroidered into human fabric. However, people have an affinity for different kinds of pets. Some love to keep naughty cats while others love to keep dutiful dogs.

But surprisingly, there are many people that love keeping a pet roach. Pet roach is fun, they are like babies to the owners. Taking care of a pet roach is easy and does not require a lot of effort.

Pet cockroaches are omnivorous and eat anything organic from plant leaves, green vegetables to pulses and meat. However, a balanced diet must be ensured to keep a pet roach healthy.

Pet roach offers a tool for great time pass, keeps the owner busy, and is easy to manage therefore, they are definitely worth keeping.

Madagascar Hissing Cockroach Pet

World's most beautiful cockroach and third-largest cockroach

If you are a cockroach pet lover then keeping Madagascar hissing cockroach as a pet is the best you can get. Madagascar hissing cockroach is native to the island of Madagascar and its beautiful looks, innocent nature, and hissing noise make it a collector’s item among pet roach lovers.

Madagascar Hissing cockroach pet is also unique because of the presence of horns on the male’s head which it uses to defend its territory by fighting with other male Madagascar Hissing cockroaches.

Fun Facts about Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

  1. The female give birth to Live babies unlike other roaches which lay eggs.
  2. People from around the world keep Madagascar Hissing cockroach roaches as pests.
  3. People make the male roaches fight or race and bet on them.

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Are pet cockroaches available for sale?

Yes! Madagascar hissing cockroaches are available for sale both online and in some pets across the US. However, you need to take permits in some states such as Florida because of their invasive nature.

You can buy Madagascar Hissing Cockroach here: or contact them via,

Fluker Farms Customer Care

1333 Plantation Ave
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Call us at (225) 343-7035
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There is nothing wrong with Keeping a pet cockroach however, you should make sure that you do not introduce the cockroach to the new ecosystem because sometimes they can prove havoc by multiplying rapidly and establishing their colonies. This can cause a huge economic loss.

Moreover, Always be careful with cockroaches because they can trigger allergies in some people.

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