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Asian Cockroach: All you Need to Know

Asian cockroach is a newly discovered variety of roaches found at Okinawa Japan beach in 1981. The Asian roach gained the attention of evolutionists because it closely resembles the German cockroach in size, shape, and color, except it has dark strips across the head.

Asian cockroach is a 0.6 inch long, light brown flat, cylindrical roach with long flight-capable wings. It resembles a German cockroach closely, but it has three significant differences: an abdominal grove, dark stripes, and a good flying capability. Asian cockroach is difficult to exterminate because of their mobility and adaptability. The most effective control method for Asian cockroaches is toxic pelletized baits scattered outdoors. 

Cockroaches are multi-continental species and have evolved to live, breed, and infest several climates. However, the three fundamental survival factors, warmth, humidity, and rotten food, are common to all roaches. Therefore, any area that provides these factors, including the US, will help spurt Asian cockroaches (Details in the Blog below).

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Appearance, and Identification Points of the Asian Cockroach


Asian cockroach is a light brown to golden flat elongated roach with a grove in the abdomen and two parallel black lines on the head. It has two antennas longer than the body with very prominent cerci.

The female Asian roach has a more oval body than the male.


The Asian roach measures 0.63 to 0.68 inches in length and 0.3 inches in width.


Asian cockroaches have two sets of flight-capable wings that are longer than the length of the body, making them excellent flyers.


Asian cockroaches are very timid roaches and have never been known to bite humans. However, some may scratch the body with spikey legs.

Identification Points

The Asian cockroach can be differentiated from The German roaches by the following points,

  1. Asian cockroach have long wings as compared to German roaches.
  2. Asian cockroach have two parellel lines on head (Pronotum).

Distribution and Habitat of Asian Roaches

Asian cockroaches are native to Japan and were brought to the US via Florida in 1980 when an exterminator first discovered it in 1986. The roach was quickly distributed to the rest of the US and raised concerns.

The Asian roach prefers to live in shady green areas and rarely infest homes. They are most active in August but can be found throughout the year. Asian roaches are attracted to white bright light, enter houses via windows and ventilators, and live happily in damp basements and attics.

Asian Roach: Diet and Life Cycle

Asian cockroaches love to feed on decomposing plant litter and leaves, although they will eat anything. Inside the house, they love to feed on filth and garbage.

Adult Asian roaches are most abundant from February until May and a second phase from August through September. This is the peak time for mating and reproduction.

Once A female Asian cockroach mates, she produces approximately four egg capsules containing 37 eggs in her lifetime.

Nymphs undergo six molting stages and take approximately 67 days to reach adulthood.

Adult females have a longer life span (104 days), and adult males live an average of 49 days after reaching adulthood.

Adult females produce their first egg capsule 13 to 20 days after every eclosion.

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Do Asian roaches infest your house?

Asian roaches rarely infest homes because they live outdoors around green fields. This is because Asian roaches are attracted to the smell of decaying plant matter.

However, Asian roaches infest homes in June and July, searching for shelter when it’s scorching outside. Asian roaches are good flyers and are attracted to bright lights. They infest homes via open windows and vents.

Once the Asian roach reaches inside the house, they locate themself to warm and humid localities such as kitchens, basements, and attics. Then, they can establish their nest and divide them into huge numbers.

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How do you get rid of Asian roaches?

Getting rid of Asian roaches is difficult and tricky because they are excellent flyers and good runners. In addition, the typical contact insecticide treatment against Asian roaches gives poor results because they avoid going into treated areas.

Therefore to get rid of Asian cockroaches, you need to follow the below-given steps,

Step 1: Cover the entry points

Asian roaches infest homes through windows and vents. They do not enter via bathroom drains or electric panels. Therefore to prevent Asian cockroaches from entering the home, you need to cover windows and vents with mesh. In addition, the door gaps and cracks must be covered with masking tape.

Step 2: Change the Lights

Asian roaches are attracted to bright white light and usually fly towards them. Therefore, you must change bright lights around windows and patios to dark colors like red, yellow, or green.

Step 3: Use Dehumidifier

Asian roaches are attracted to high humidity, especially in June and July. Therefore, you must keep humidity low inside the house. You can use a dehumidifier for this purpose or keep the exhaust fan on all the time.

Step 4: Set Up Gel or Pellet baits

As mentioned earlier, Asian roaches are quick runners and excellent flyers. Therefore, exterminating them with the typical insecticide spray or other methods such as traps is not ideal (however, it works in selected cases).

According to Dina L. Richman, the author of a research paper published by the University of Florida, “Although Asian cockroaches are susceptible to many pesticides, toxic pelletized baits scattered outdoors have provided the most reliable control.”

Therefore you must set up pellet baits around the green area surrounding your houses. In addition, to keep children and pets safe, you need to use gel baits inside the house in places where roaches hide.

Step 5: Use IGRs and Roach Repellents

Once you have successfully killed Asian roaches, you now must prevent the baby Asian roaches from maturing into adults. For this, you can either use IGR spray or IGR Device. These devices emit hormones that prevent Asian roach nymphs from transforming into adults. Therefore IGR helps break the cycle.

You can also use Natural roach repellents in peak infestation time to keep Asian roaches at bay.

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