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Where do Roaches Hide? [Solved With Pictures]

Roaches can hide at different places in your home. However, you will be amazed to learn that roaches can get into tiny cracks and crevices, which may seem impossible for roaches to hide.

Roaches are thigmotactic insects, meaning they like to hide somewhere, so their third quarter of body surface is in contact with something to feel safe. That is why they will hide in tight spots and creeks like inside hinges, drawer slides, and tiny gaps left when a drawer is closed. Roaches will also hide in tight spots behind electrical appliances like fridge, stove, oven, & dishwasher, under sinks, inside electrical sockets, gaps between wall panels, and more.

This article will show you all possible places a roach can hide with pictures. Let’s begin.

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Places Where Roaches can Hide

Generally, roaches will hide near places with enough food and moisture for them to survive. They also like to stay in relatively warm spots.

I will not be identifying spots inside a complete compound like kitchen or bathroom; instead, I will mention each specific spot. That spot can be anywhere, including your room, bathroom, kitchen, etc.

1. Inside or Around Hinges

Hinges are some of the favorite places for cockroaches to hide, as there is always some free TIGHT space for them to squeeze in.

Generally, hinges are dark brown, making the spot a little darker with less light to reflect. Unfortunately, dark brown hinges also make it difficult to spot the roaches.

An image showing different types of hinges where roaches can hide

2. Right Above Cabinet Doors in Corners

This is also a perfect hiding spot for roaches due to two reasons.

  1. Its normally dark over there as light rarely reaches there
  2. Perfect hiding spots when you open cabinets for general use

3. Gaps between walls and install cabinets and appliances

Gaps between walls and cabinets are also an ideal place for roaches to hide. These gaps generally seem too small for roaches to hide but roaches have a significant quality to squeeze.

An image showing cabinet and wall gaps where roaches can hide.

4. Right Above Cabinet Doors

This is not a usual place for roaches to hide at an early stage of infestations, but if the population rises and there are few places to hide, roaches will acquire these spots as well.

An image showing gaps above cabinet closed doors where cockroaches can hide.

5. Under Sinks

Normally its a lot humid under sinks and there are many spots for roaches to hide. Generally, an infestation will start under sinks.

Look closely under sinks with a torch to examine every corner.

An image showing under sinks where roaches can hide

6. Behind or Under Fridge

Refrigerators are one of the favorite places for roaches to nest and hide. The heat and moisture from fridges make it ideal for roaches to survive and breed.

Make sure to move your fridge to a close watch to get an idea of the level of infestation.

An image showing behind refrigerator where roaches can hide and nest

7. Behind, Under or Inside Microwave Oven

Microwave oven also makes a perfect sanctuary for roaches to bread. There are multiple hiding spots in and around ovens for roaches to hide.

Roaches can not survive inside the oven if you are frequently using it.

An image showing an infested microwave oven and behind oven where roaches can hide

8. Behind Stove

We generally do not move our stoves and there are plenty of empty spaces behind stoves for roaches to hide.

It is always recommended to move your stove when looking for roaches.

An image showing stoves in which roaches can hide

9. Behind or Under Dishwasher

The inside of a dishwasher is airtight so roaches can not sneak in there, however, they can be around or under dishwashers. The warmth and moisture from dishwashers make it an ideal spot for roaches to hide.

An image showing infested dishwashers with roaches and places where roaches can hide

10. Drawer Slides

Drawer slides are quite complex in shape with a lot of tight spots in them. Roaches love to hang around there as they feel safe being inside the tiny gaps. Generally, it’s hard to spot roaches inside drawer slides.

An image showing different types of drawer slides and how roaches can hide in them

11. Electrical Sockets

You will be amazed to learn that roaches love to hide inside electrical sockets. There is generally plenty of space for roaches to breed inside sockets with being pitch dark black inside them.

Check the below video to get an overview of how bad it can get.

12. Wifi Routers

Wifi routers keep running round the clock which generates enough heat for roaches to survive. Normally we do not move these routers that much so this makes wifi routers a perfect spot for them to hide.

An image showing infested routers with roaches and how can roaches hide in them

13. Television or LCD Screens

Televisions normally stay where you install them in the first place and there are multiple air vents in these devices which make it perfect for roaches to hide inside them.

An image showing places where roaches can hide in a TV

14. Near Floor, Below Cabinets

Roaches can also be found in the spots where there is a slight extrusion of cabinets near floor as shown in the pictures.

An image showing under drawer spots 
where roaches can hide

15. Inbetween Wall Panels

Basically, all roaches need is a tight spot. If that is in between wall panels, roaches will hide inside them.

An image showing gaps between wall panels where roaches can hide

16. Under Toilet Seat

Roaches won’t infest under toilet seats if you are regularly using your washroom, however, if you are away on vacations or there is a roach from somewhere else, it can’t hide under your toilet seat.

An image showing infested toilet seats where roaches can hide

17. Kitchen Pantry

A food pantry inside a kitchen can have food scraps for roaches to party on, so they can love to stay close to this source of food.

18. Light Fixtures

Light fixtures are an unusual place for roaches to hide but they can be attracted by the additional heat coming out of them to make it an ideal place to hide and nest.

A picture showing roaches hiding in light fixtures


I will conclude this article with a very simple note:

  1. Don’t worry where roaches hide. Apply baits, roaches will find the baits, will go back to the colony, will die there. The other roaches will eat the dead roach, and the entire colony will be gone. Check out list of recommended sprays.
  2. Close entry points. If your neighbours have roaches, you are in trouble. Roaches don’t come by their own, they come from somewhere.
  3. Keep your house and kitchen clean.

Thats it. Peace.