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How long can a Cockroach Survive in a Microwave?

The heat from electronic devices, including the fridge and microwave oven, attracts roaches. It is an ideal spot for roaches to hide. Moreover, ample food bites lying around are more than heaven for roaches. Therefore, finding a microwave oven being infested by roaches is not uncommon.

A cockroach can survive in a microwave somewhere from 3 minutes to indefinitely based on the water content and size of the cockroach. A giant cockroach will die in a microwave within minutes because they have high water content, whereas a small cockroach can survive indefinitely.

Electronic appliances are a hotspot of infestation in homes. Sometimes, the only reason for a failed extermination is because cockroaches hide inside these appliances, and we often ignore these areas. Moreover, Cockroaches are associated with loathing and disgust, transmitting disease, and triggering allergies. The blog below will explain why radiations from your microwave oven offer no protection from roach infestation.

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Cockroach Can Survive in a Microwave for Long

The microwave oven produces heat that cooks the food by vibrating water molecules (Source). Cockroaches have a water content of approximately 12%(Source); in comparison, bread has 65%. Therefore, items with a high water content will be heated quicker than those with low water content.

A temperature above 115 is lethal for cockroaches. Unfortunately, small roaches, including the German cockroach, have very low water content, which is why the microwave radiations fail to extract enough heat capable of killing them.

Therefore, small roaches are usually seen nesting inside microwaves. These roaches usually survive indefinitely inside a microwave.

On the other hand, big roaches, including palmetto bugs, are killed with 3 minutes inside a microwave.

To know more, What Temperatures kill a Cockroach? Read this article.

Why do Roaches get in Microwave?

Cockroaches usually love to live inside a warm and humid environment with plenty of food. As a result, they usually love to infest closed cabinets, garbage bins, drains, and electric appliances inside the kitchen.

Roaches get in a Microwave oven because they have plenty of spilled food, grease, water droplets, and heat needed for roaches to survive. Moreover, the back electric compartment has an excellent hiding place for roaches to lay eggs and breed.

Failing to eradicate roaches from electric appliances is usually the cause for a failed extermination. Once they start nesting, it becomes challenging for exterminators to kill them.

Getting Rid of Roaches from Microwave Oven

If your microwave is infested for a long time with cockroaches, it will not only stop functioning properly but will start smelling awful. Moreover, it will also act as a source of disease spread.

Therefore, eradicating roaches from the microwave oven is essential. There are several methods to get rid of roaches from a microwave oven including,

  1. Vinegar Method
  2. Gel baits and Traps Method
  3. Boric Acid Method
  4. And Diassembly Menthod.

I have comprehensively explained the method in a separate blog: Cockroaches in a Microwave Oven: All you need to know. Read this to know the complete procedure.

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