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How Many Roaches are in One Egg?

There are more than 4500 known species of cockroaches, and each cockroach is slightly different from the other in appearance, habitat, size, reproduction cycle, etc.

All cockroaches lay eggs in a single case known as ootheca. Each ootheca contains many eggs depending upon the roach species, but each egg has one roach nymph inside it. For example, the German cockroach eggs produce up to 48 baby roach nymphs, and the American roach produces up to 16 baby roaches.

AN image of American Roach egg case showing individual egg
Roach TypeBaby Roaches in One Egg Case
German Cockroach48 Baby Roaches
American Cockroach16 Baby Roaches
Oriental Cockroach16 Baby Roaches
Red Runner Roach30 Baby Roaches
Dobia Roach35 Baby Roaches
Asian Cockroach37 Baby Roaches
Australian Cockroach24 Baby Roaches
Florida Wood Cockroach24 Baby Roaches
Smoky Brown Cockroach25 Baby Roaches
Lobster Cockroach40 Baby Roaches
Wood Cockroach32 Baby Roaches
Death Head Roach34 Baby Roaches
Giant Cave Roach34 Baby Roaches
Giant Burrowing Cockroach30 Baby Roaches
Madagascar Hissing Roach44 Baby Roaches
Pennsylvania Roach40 Baby Roaches
Cuban Cockroach44 Baby Roaches
A list with average roaches per egg case of a cockroach

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Images of the cockroach egg case with eggs hatching

Below are a few images of a roach egg case hatching to show how the egg case looks and how the roaches come out of it.

Egg case of an American Roach
Hatching egg case of American Raoch
An image of American Roach babies coming out of an egg case holded in hand
An American roach egg case attached to a substrate
A Madagascar Hissing Roach laying babies
Broken Egg cases of an American Roach

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