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Cockroach Smear Marks: How to Identify?

Sometimes the only sign of cockroach infestation is finding their poop. The roach poop is not easily visible to the eyes unless there is a heavy infestation.

The poop is highly disgusting, with a musty odor. Not only does it spreads diseases like enteric fever, but it also triggers allergies, including asthma.

Cockroach smear marks are the black or reddish-brown streaks of liquified roach poop. Due to heavy humidity and dampness, the roach poop turns into a liquid with greasy consistency that leaves marks on the surfaces.

An image showing a Cockroach Smear Marks
An image showing a Cockroach Smear Marks

Therefore, a surface with multiple cockroach Smear Marks points toward heavy roach infestation and an underlying roach colony.

An image showing Cockroach Smear Marks and Cockroach Poop
An image showing Cockroach Smear Marks and Cockroach Poop

Cockroach smear marks can be easily confused with food stains or rust. But, unfortunately, it is probably the worst thing to encounter. Not only does it leave stains on the surfaces, but the smell also attracts a colony of roaches towards itself.

But before you start a grand operation against roaches, first know if the stains are cockroach smear marks or not. I will try to explain everything about smear marks in the blog below.

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What are Cockroach Smear Marks, and How it looks like?

Roaches, including palmetto bugs, feed on filth and garbage. They live most of their lives in shady, dark, and humid environments. The humidity of the environment has a profound effect on the state of cockroach poop.

In a humid environment, cockroaches usually excrete liquified poop. When viewed from above, the liquified roach poop looks like brown or black curly stains or streaks on the surface. These curly stains or markings are called cockroach smear marks.

The smear marks are usually present where cockroaches nest, usually in damp basements and wet kitchens. However, the smear marks can be found on your bed sheets, curtains, and even utensils.

One thing is for sure seeing cockroach smear marks indicate a heavy roach infestation. The roaches happily thrive, breeding, hiding, and freely pooping around the house. It is time to take action, or things will soon get out of control.

An image showing roach poop marks under sink in kitchen
An image showing roach poop marks under the sink in the kitchen

Cockroach Smear Marks Can be Dangerous

The cockroach poop carries dangerous bacteria, including Enterobacteriaceae, Staphylococcus, and Mycobacterium species (Source).

These bacteria can cause some dangerous diseases, including Typhoid and Paratyphoid disease.

Therefore, signs of cockroach smear marks or simply liquified roach poop should not be taken lightly.

Katsaridaphobia, An Extreme Fear of Roaches! It can be disturbing for some individuals. Read the article to keep yourself aware.

Roach smear mark on a cupboard hinge
Roach smear mark on a cupboard hinge

Cockroach Smear Marks Attract Other Roaches

Cockroaches, like other insects, communicate with one another through pheromones. Pheromones are chemicals secreted by insects that attract other family members towards themselves.

Cockroach smear marks have a foul musty stench. The smell from smear marks contains pheromones capable of attracting other roaches towards themselves.

Therefore, cleaning smear marks is crucial; otherwise, a plethora of roaches will start appearing inside your living space.

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Cleaning the Roach Smear Marks

Cleaning the roach smear marks is not difficult but rather a disgusting job. Use a mask and gloves before embarking on the procedure.

To clean the roach smear marks,

Step 1: Use insecticide spray, roach baits or traps to kill the roaches. More in the next heading.

Step 2: Identify the Surface with Roach Smear Markings.

Step 3: Use hot water and soap to flush the surface or wall.

Step 4: Scrub the surface with a brush or cloth.

Step 5: Leave the surface for 30 minutes and wash again with hot water.

Step 6: Once the surface is dry, use a disinfectant spray to kill the germs.

If the surface is sensitive to water, I recommend using a steam gun instead.

Smear marks on fabrics need nothing special. Just wash it with washing powder in a washing machine. The washing powder contains the necessary ingredients and disinfectants.

Follow these three simple steps to get rid of cockroaches

Step 1: Use a bait

The first step is to use bait to get rid of roaches. Baits are better than sprays, as baits will kill the entire colony.

You can get your hand on many baits, but these are my favorite ones. Use each of them according to the instructions on the pack.

Bengal Roach Killer is a dry spray bait, very easy to apply and use. (How to use guide)
– Advion Cockroach Gel Bait is the most effective gel you can buy.
– Hot Shot Liquid Cockroach Trapper and Killer is the best trap you can get for cockroaches.
– Combat Max 12-Month Roach Killing Bait is the best bait out on the market.

Step 2: Close all openings

The next step is closing all openings in your home; otherwise, stopping an infestation will be impossible.

Use Loctite Foam Sealent (Amazon Link) to close gaps and openings like a pro.

The most common spots are shared plumbing spots between apartments. Check your washrooms and kitchen plumbings.

Step 3: Use an IGR

Using an IGR is the last step to ensure the roach nymphs don’t grow into adults. An IGR alters the internal hormones of roaches to molt.

This way, the roaches can not become adults and reproduce. Gentrol Growth Regulator (Amazon Link) is the only and the best IGR device for roaches.

It’s effortless to use. Just purge one of them and place it in a hidden place inside every room of your house.