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How do Roaches Reproduce? [Cycle EXPLAINED]

Cockroaches multiple at a rapid pace, and that’s why an infestation with only two cockroaches might be enough to turn your place into a breeding ground. Moreover, a capsule called ootheca contains approximately 15 to 30 individual eggs. These individual eggs hatch independently without needing assistance from the environment, capable of fueling another episode of infestation.

The roaches start to reproduce immediately when the male roaches inject sperms via their phallus called spermatophore to the female roach aperture. Only one sperm is enough to fertilize each female cockroach. Depending upon the cockroach species, the female roach reproduces a capsule called ootheca every 25 days. Each egg capsule contains 15 to 30 individual eggs. It takes 45 to 60 days for the eggs to hatch (Reference).

The answer to the question How do roaches reproduce? Solves many problems related to extermination, including insight into why it’s almost impossible to completely get rid of roaches from the face of the planet. Furthermore, it also helps scientists study the effect of protein and carbohydrates on fertility in different species (Reference).

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How do cockroaches reproduce?

There are three types of cockroaches based on the way they reproduce,

  1. Oviparous which produces offsprings from hatched eggs out side the body. It includes German, American, Australian, Oriental, Smokey Brown and others
  2. Ovoviviparous in which Eggs hatch inside the body and give birth to live babies. It includes Discoid, Dubia and Madagascar Hissing Cockroaches.
  3. Viviparous that give birth to live babies with out an egg invloved, just like mammls. It includes Surinam cockroach also known as the greenhouse cockroach and Diploptera punctata.

Once the young male cockroach reaches adulthood, it produces sperms capable of fertilizing female roaches. Similarly, young female roaches start to produce many ova that are ceased into mid-stage when reaching adulthood.

After the male cockroach mates with the female and injects sperms, the ova starts to develop into eggs and hatch inside the female in the case of Ovoviviparous or hatch outside in Oviparous roaches. This whole reproduction phase of a cockroach takes between 15 to 30 days, depending upon the type of cockroaches.

After the eggs hatch, the young cockroach undergoes six to eight molting stages before transforming into adult roaches.

It takes between 6 months for baby cockroaches to transform into adult cockroaches capable of reproducing.

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How do roaches mate

A male Australian cockroach mating with a female roach

You will be amazed to know that cockroaches have very sophisticated reproductive systems and reproduction mechanisms that involve active participation from male and female cockroaches.

After the male cockroach desires to mate, it produces a secretion from sex organs and performs movements called courting behavior that attracts female cockroaches.

The female adopts a specific mating position. Next, the male attaches its phallus called spermatophore to the female roach aperture and injects sperms hence completing the process of cockroach mating.

After the female has been fertilized, she stays away from mating for the rest of her life in most cases.

How fast do roaches Grow?

Have you ever wondered why cockroaches keep reappearing in large numbers even after exterminating them? This is because cockroaches have a very short reproductive period. It takes between 15 to 30 days for an adult female cockroach to lay about 15 eggs.

The cockroach eggs hatch in the next 45 days giving rise to young cockroaches. These baby roaches soon mature into adult roaches that are again capable of reproducing springs, and this is how this vicious cycle stays floating.

This is why cockroaches have exponentially fast growth! Cockroaches can grow 30X into their original size within the next 90 days.

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Does Cockroach have Larva?

The larva is the active immature form of an insect, especially one that differs significantly from the adult in shape and size and forms the stage between egg and pupa.

Interestingly, cockroaches have three distinct phases of life that do not contain larva. Instead, they have young cockroach babies called nymphs instead of the larva.

The three distinct phases of a cockroach’s life are,

  1. Egg
  2. Nymph
  3. Adult

However, it should be borne in mind that some people interchangeably use the term cockroach larva, although it’s not actual larva.

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