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Does Alcohol Kill Roaches?

From baking soda to natural oils, Your home probably contains enough products that are effective enough to kill or at least ward of roaches. However, killing one or two roaches will never solve an infestation problem. A product must be effective enough to kill a large population of roaches. Similarly, we might think does alcohol kills raches?

Isopropyl alcohol is not a solution for a roach infestation because it usually fails to kill roaches effectively. Moreover, alcohol is a highly volatile and flammable liquid with the potential for a disaster. Therefore, alcohol is not recommended at all for killing cockroaches.

Every product capable of killing cockroaches is not intended for that use. For example, a strong acid will kill roaches in seconds, but you will never attempt to use it because it is hazardous and will destroy everything in its path. Similar is the use case of alcohol for killing roaches. Therefore I will discuss it in detail in the blog below.

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How Alcohol Kill Roaches

Unlike animals, insects, including cockroaches, respire through respiratory openings located on their bodies called spiracles. Therefore, any liquid that coagulates these respiratory openings will suffocate roaches to death, whether a Lysol, alcohol or a hair spray.

Alcohol easily slips into the respiratory opening of the cockroach and blocks them because of a lower surface tension than water.

However, because alcohol is highly volatile and roaches can live without oxygen for many hours, it is challenging to kill roaches. Therefore, you must keep spraying cockroaches with alcohol.

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Killing Roaches with Alcohol

When it comes to killing roaches with alcohol, the internet seems disputed. Some recommend while others advise against the use of alcohol for killing roaches. However, I am of the opinion that alcohol does kill roaches but is not an adequate remedy. Here it is why,

  1. The exact type of alcohol needed is not known, some prefer isopropyl while other prefer methyl.
  2. The effective concentration and quantity of alcohol needed for killing roaches is not known.
  3. Alcohol is highly flamable and volatile.
  4. Not fit around pets and children.

Moreover, the time duration alcohol takes to kill roaches is controversial. Some think it instantaneously kills roaches, while others say it takes 6 to 10 hours for alcohol to kill them.

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How to Kill Roaches With Alcohol?

If you do not have anythings on hand to kill roaches, you can use alcohol to kill roaches. However, you must be extra careful when using alcohol around electric appliances and flames.

Follow these steps for the best results,

Step 1: Select appropriate type of Alcohol

Before you start to kill roaches with alcohol, you must select an appropriate type. Both methanol and isopropyl alcohol will do the job. However, isopropyl alcohol, also commonly called rubbing alcohol, is not toxic and is preferred.

Step 2: Fill a Spray bottle

Because of its low density, alcohol is difficult to spray. Therefore, you must use an air-tight bottle to spray alcohol.

Step 3: Remove hazards

Alcohol is highly flammable and immediately catches fire. Therefore, turn off electric appliances or flames around the area. Moreover, prevent pets and children from entering the space.

Step 4: Spray directly onto the roaches

Alcohol only kills roaches on direct contact. Therefore, you must spray directly on the roaches or their nest to kill them. Otherwise, you will fail to exterminate them. Repeat spraying if needed.

Step 4: Clean the mess

Before leaving the area, you must clean the mess. Remove items flooded with alcohol along with dead roaches. Moreover, refrain from smoking till the area is well ventilated with no fumes left.

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