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Combat Max Roach Killing Gel Review

Gel baits work very differently than what regular sprays and bombs does with cockroaches. Combat Max roach killing gel uses the same formula of killing roaches like rest of the gel bait product does.

These products work anonymously like the secret agents working underground to safeguard the state.

You don’t see immediate results once you apply the roach-killing gel at places where cockroaches hide.

However, interestingly after a few days, the product starts kicking in, and you succeed at completely eradicating cockroaches if you have used the product correctly.

My quick take on Combat Max Roach Gel:

  • Its cheaper than the popular brands like Advion but still works wonders.
  • It will eleminate roaches from the source by killing the entire colony.
  • A Cockroach will die in a few hours after consuming it. Once dead, other roaches will eat the dead roach and will die as well.
  • Its easy to apply, creates no mess like boric acids and sprays.
  • Will kill the roaches in the hidden nests and spots making no mess.
  • Will take 14-28 days before you stop completely seeing any more roaches.
  • You will need to reapply after 60-90 days.
  • Active Ingredient: Fipronil

I am personally fan of gel baits, and Combat Max Roach Killing Gel is one of them you can trust on.

It is very effective in exterminating roaches and a ton of people have got similar results.

Typical insecticide sprays only control the population growth of roaches, but can never eleminate them entirely. You will need a gel bait for complete elemination.

So compared to insecticide spray, I will give Combat Max 9 points out of 10 and typical insecticide spray 7 out of 10.

I have used several products to exterminate roaches, from insecticide sprays to roach traps.

You will also be amazed to learn that all professional exterminators will use gel baits to get rid of roaches. These gel baits are their secreat weapons.

Before you read further, just a quick question. Tired of cockroaches and looking for a permanent solution?

Stop wasting your time, invest in these products and follow this guide: How to get rid of roaches? You will be roach-free in 10-20 days.

1. Max Force Glue Traps
2. Advion Gel Baits
3. Harris Powder Bait
4. Gentrol Insect Growth Regulator
5. Loctite Foam Sealent

Optional Items
1. Gel Bait Professional Gun
2. Torch
3. Powder Bait Puffer
4. Insecticide Spray to kill a reveled colony in a single shot

How Effective is Combat Roach gel?

Every roach gel is not effective at killing roaches. Some products in the market are terrible and are just a waste of money and time. Therefore you must invest in products that are for sure effective at exterminating roaches.

Combat roach gel is among the few best products out there, effective, easy to use, and highly affordable.

Once you apply the combat roach gel at specific locations, all you need to do is to wait and trust in the process. It takes time before you see results in the form of cockroaches disappearing. It is less likely that you will come across dead roaches; instead, roaches will only start to disappear.

My personal experience with combat roach gel and Advion has been very positive. Both of these products are probably the best available products. Therefore, on a scale from 1 to 10, I will give Combat roach gel 9 marks.

However, one downside of using Combat roach gel or any other gel bait is the mess it creates. Sometimes you come across these gels on places that you have to use too often, like cupboards, and then it feels messy.

FeaturesScore out of 10
Ease of Use9
Residual Effect6
Combat Roach Gel Effectiveness

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How does Combat Roach Gel work?

The Combat roach gel comes with an active ingredient Fipronil. Fipronil is a central nervous system poison that disrupts nerve signals in insects, including roaches.

Unlike other insecticides, Fipronil does not kill roaches instantaneously after entering the body. Instead, it starts its action after one day and usually kills the cockroach within two days.

This is why the combat roach gel does not kill roaches instantaneously. Instead, the combat roach gel kills the cockroach after two days of consumption.

This time gap is beneficial at exterminating the whole colony of cockroaches. Once a cockroach consumes the Combat roach gel, the gel also sticks to the legs and wings.

Apply a small pinch on a piece of paper if you want to avoid a mess or buy bait stations by Combat

After the roaches return to their nest, they share the gel with other members of the cockroach colony, chance also killing them.

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Combat Max Roach Gel vs Other Roach killing gel?

Every roach-killing product does not have the same results. Some are very disappointing in aspects such as efficacy at killing roaches, poor availability of the product, or the high price to value.

However, most of the roach gels are usually at par with each other there are only a few aspects in which one beats the other product.

Therefore I have tried to summarize and compare other roach gels with the infamous Combat roach gel.

FeaturesCombat MaxAdvionHarrisAlpine
Effectiveness9 (Winner)9 (Winner)88
Availability8 (Winner)78 (Winner)6
Ease of Use9999
Residual Effect678 (Winner)8 (Winner)
Comparison of Different roach gels (Score out of 10)

Types of Combat Roach Gel?

Different Combat Max Roach gel products are available for sale with different packing, prices, and volumes.

However, Combat Max roach gel has the same formula across the board irrespective of the type of packing or price. Therefore, you should buy combat roach gel based on your needs.

You can buy combat roach gel at your local store or here on Amazon,

  1. Combat Max Roach Killing Gel for Indoor and Outdoor Use, 1 Syringe, 2.1 Ounces
  2. Combat Roach Killer Gel – 30 Gm (Pack of 2)
  3. Combat Roach Killing Gel Boxed 2.1 Oz

Best Combat Max Roach gel deal?

As I have mentioned above, all products made by Combat Max have the same efficacy and ability to kill roaches irrespective of the packing or the volume of gel it offers until the product is genuine and not fake.

However, for a house with 3-bed rooms with a moderate roach infestation, I suggest that the best Combat roach gel deal is to get this: Amazon Link.

This deal is far more reasonable in price, shipped quickly, and offers the appropriate volume of gel.

My Personal Conclusion!

After using the Combat Max Roach gel bait for a month, I was satisfied with the results. Moreover, I saw no cockroaches for up to 5 months.

The one downside of the product is that it’s a little messy to use, and in some places like the kitchen, the gel dried out quickly.

However, it would help if you gave it a try.