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Does Roach bait Attract more Roaches?

It’s long been established that killing a cockroach attracts more. This has probably something to do with the stress pheromones and oleic acid release that attracts a colony of roaches towards itself. Similarly, does a roach bait attracts more roaches? It also seems a logical question to ask.

Technically Yes! A roach bait attracts more roaches up to a certain distance because of the intensity of the aromatic smell. However, this does not increase infestation in your house because the attracted roach dies after consuming the bait. Moreover, the male roaches and nymphs are attracted more to baits than females (Reference).

Smell has a huge role in the life of cockroaches. They communicate with one another via smells, which have a significant role in shaping the response of roaches like attraction and repulsion. Using this to the advantage, many natural and chemical roach repellents have been developed for a long time.

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What is a Roach Bait?

Roach bait is a substance that tricks cockroaches into consuming it and hence poisoning them to death. The roach bait has two components.

  1. A base with a pleasent aromatic odor, usually a gel.
  2. A posion/active ingredient that kill roaches.

Cockroaches are known to share food with their colony. This has helped scientists design roach baits with delayed action. Once a cockroach consumes the bait, it then shares the bait with peers, killing the whole nest population.

How Does Roach Gel Work?

A typical roach gel, also known as roach bait, contains a chemical insecticide that kills roaches. The chemical insecticide or the active ingredient is specifically designed to target the roach at the microcellular level.

The roach gel usually have any of the three active ingredients inside it,

  1. Fipronil
  2. Hydramethylnon
  3. Indoxacarb

The fipronil has the primary function of disrupting the nervous signaling of cockroaches by acting on a neurotransmitter receptor that kills the roaches in 8 to 20 hours. On the other hand, Hydramethylon has a delayed action that takes 2 to 3 days to kill roaches, disrupting mitochondrial function.

It is important to note that although modern roach gels are usually odorless to humans, they are not to roaches.

A typical roach gel works in the following steps,

Step 1: Attracting the roach

The roach gel bait has a strong aromatic or a rotten odor that attracts roaches towards itself. It tricks the cockroach into consuming the bait.

Step 2: Sharing with the peers

During the consumption of roach bait, some of the gel also sticks to the body and spiky legs of the roach that is transferred to other roaches on returning to the colony. In addition, some cockroaches also spit the gel bait.

Step 3: Disruption and Death of Roaches

Once the roach gel has been inside the roach’s body for the desired time, it starts to disrupt the microcellular function that kills the roaches. As a result, the roach usually dies in peace in a dark corner of the room.

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How long Does Roach Gel Last?

As mentioned earlier, the roach gel comprises two components, the base, and the chemical insecticide. The base is the main component that decides the life of roach gel. Once the base dries, it stops emitting the odor that attracts roaches.

Every roach gel is manufactured differently by different brands. Some have a high oil content that takes a long time to dry, while others usually dry quickly.

On average, a good roach gel lasts between 3 to 6 months. However, it varies from brand to brand.

Gel BrandActive IngredientEffectiveness (82 °F)
AdvionIndoxacarb7 weeks
Alpine Rotation 2Dinotefuran4 weeks
Harris GelIndoxacarb5 weeks
Combat Max RoachFipronil5 weeks
How long Does Roach Gel Last?

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Best Roach Bait?

The primary function of roach bait is to kill roaches and exterminate an infestation. However, to achieve the desired effects, different brands have different approaches. Some roach baits are highly effective but not safe around children, while others act quickly but lose efficacy quickly.

Therefore, the best roach bait is the one that is,

  1. Safe around pets and children
  2. Stays effective for long
  3. Affordable
  4. Easy to apply
  5. Easily Avaliable

The best roach bait is Advion Cockroach gel because it is highly effective, safe around pets and children, economical, easy to use, and readily available. Moreover, it retains its effectiveness up to 7 weeks.

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