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Do lizards eat Cockroaches?

Nature has designed living creatures to prey on others for their survival. This keeps the habitat in balance. For example, Mice eat roaches, and cockroaches prey on bed bugs. Similarly, people who keep exotic pets like geckos and lizards continuously search for a good feeder insect and often ask, do lizards eat cockroaches?

Yes! Lizards eat cockroaches very fondly. Lizards, including leopard geckos, Bearded dragons, Monitor lizards, and Chinese Water dragons, naturally prey on small cockroaches that fit inside their mouth. However, giant roaches are difficult to catch and bite upon; hence, the lizards usually fail to prey on them.

If you have a passion for keeping exotic pets and searching for feeder insects, you will be glad to know that lizards will prey on common roaches that infest homes. However, if you think of exterminating roaches inside your house using lizards, you might be disappointed to know that you will fail. The reasons are explained in the blog below!

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Do lizards keep cockroaches away?

The house gecko, also commonly known as the lizard found in the US, is H. frenatus. It can grow in size from 3 to 6 inches. The lizards love to eat a variety of insects, including mosquitoes and cockroaches.

Cockroaches are part of the lizard’s everyday life. Lizards are known to keep roaches away that they can easily feed on. These roaches include the German, Brown-banded, and Oriental cockroaches. This is because most of these roaches are a quarter of the inches in size.

In addition to the above, Lizards also attempt to eat larger cockroaches, including the palmetto bugs, but usually fail to succeed.

However, lizards can never control or exterminate a roach infestation because cockroaches are known to run fast and multiply very quickly.

Do lizards like cockroaches

People who love to keep lizards like bearded dragons have to provide a constant supply of a balanced diet rich in protein and less in fat. In this scenario, roaches come to the rescue. Discoid and Red Runner roaches are among the sort after feeder roaches.

Because Lizards are insectivorous, they like to feed on insects, including cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, and bed bugs. Therefore, it is common to find house geckos and lizards naturally preying upon the roaches

Do small house lizards eat cockroaches?

Many people hate the common house lizards because of their appearance. However, you will be fascinated to know that house lizards are not poisonous and never contaminate food. Instead, they keep preying on dangerous insects, keeping them in check for us.

Small house lizards are very keen insect eaters. They will eat any insects that fit into their mouth, including cockroaches and mosquitoes.

However, because roaches are very timid creatures and hide away instantaneously on sensing danger, lizards can find hunting difficult.

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