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How long have Cockroaches been Around?

Life on earth originated from a single simple cell created billions of years ago inside deep oceans. Slowly the single-cell evolved into a complex eukaryotic cell. This was when the transition of life began from deep oceans to dry land. Cockroaches, a very simple creature, is a link between this transition that occurred millions of years ago.

Cockroaches have been around on the face of the earth for 360 Ma ( Mega Anum) or 360 million years ago. Cockroaches evolved from arthropods spanning a period of over 250 million years. A significant transition happened from deep oceans to dry land during this period.

The fossil record around 395 million years old shows signs of cockroach presence. Therefore, scientists conclude that Cockroaches are older than dinosaurs and have seen major climate changes that have wiped millions of species off the face of the earth. This is also why cockroaches are known as the sturdiest creatures alive.

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When did the first cockroaches appear on earth?

Cockroaches have a very primitive brain that has basic functions for survival. Similarly, cockroaches have open circulatory and respiratory systems with only basic functionality. Unlike animals, both of these systems in cockroaches are not coupled together.

All these factors mentioned above indicate that cockroaches are very primitive creatures that appeared on the face of the earth long before many complex creatures such as animals.

Cockroaches evolved from the earliest known insects some 385 million years ago. The fossil record of insects still exists preserved in rocks.

Therefore, the first cockroaches appeared on earth between 310 to 370 million years ago, long before tetrapods, including animals and birds.

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Are cockroaches the oldest living insect?

As mentioned above, cockroaches are very primitive insects living on the earth for more than 350 million years. However, cockroaches have evolved significantly from their ancestors over this period spanning millions of years.

The first cockroaches evolved from wingless, silverfish-like creatures that lived about 385 million years ago. These wingless creatures used to travel more often from sea to dry land, and consequently, some of them started permanently living on dry land.

Therefore, cockroaches are the oldest living insects to date, but they are not the same as millions of years ago.

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Are roaches older than dinosaurs?

Dinosaurs are very complex creatures with gigantic sizes and complex systems. This indicates that they have evolved pretty late in the evolution timeline. It is a simple principle, the complex the organism that late it evolves.

In the Mesozoic Era, dinosaurs lived between 245 and 66 million years ago. In contrast, the cockroaches appeared around 360 million years ago in the Carboniferous Period (358.9 million years to 298.9 million years).

Therefore, it clearly indicates that cockroaches are older than dinosaurs.

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