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Advion Cockroach Gel Bait Review (Roach KILLER?)

No matter how well you use even the best cockroach spray, they are always inferior to baits in efficacy at exterminating roaches. This is because cockroach killing spray instantaneously kills roaches but fails to exterminate the colony.

On the other hand, baits such as the Advion cockroach gel bait or the famous Combat roach killing bait effectively destroy the cockroach colony and keeps roaches out of infestation for quite a time.

Therefore, cockroach killing baits such as the Advion roach gel are the proper solution to getting rid of the cockroach infestation.

Advion cockroach gel bait is an excellent solution to roaches because it kills cockroaches and successfully eradicates their colony. This is achieved by a slow-acting yet highly lethal chemical insecticide, Indoxacarb.

After using Advion cockroach gel bait for a month, it successfully exterminated all roaches from my house and gave me excellent cockroach-killing results. Therefore, I am completely satisfied with it.

Compared to insecticide spray, I will give Advion roach gel 8 points out of 10 and typical insecticide spray 7 out of 10.

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How do Advion Cockroach Gel Bait works?

The Advion cockroach Gel bait has an active ingredient Indoxacarb. This chemical is a neural poison and disrupts nerve signals in bugs, including roaches.

Unlike other insecticides, after entering the roach’s body, Indoxacarb does not work instantaneously. Instead, it slowly kills the cockroach within the next two days.

This time gap is beneficial for exterminating the whole colony of cockroaches because, during consumption of the Advion roach gel bait, the gel also sticks to the legs and wings.

After the roaches return to their nest, they share the gel with other members of the cockroach colony, also killing them.

It is essential to know that most cockroach gel only lasts two weeks after application. After that, the gel bait usually dries up and loses its fragrance to attract roaches.

Moreover, thankfully, Advion gel bait is not toxic to humans because Idoxacarb is specifically designed to target the nervous system of insects; it does not act on the sodium channels in human nerves.

How Effective is Advion Roach gel?

Many off-label roach baits in the market are terrible and are just a waste of money and time. Therefore you must invest in time-tested products that are guaranteed to be effective at exterminating and getting rid of roaches.

Advion roach gel is among the best products out there. It is practical, easy to use, and affordable.

Once you apply the Advion roach gel at cockroach hiding places, all you need to do is to wait and trust in the process. Of course, it takes time before you get the results. But it’s for sure the results are lasting.

However, it is crucial to know that, It is less likely that you will come across dead roaches; instead, roaches will only start to disappear.

My personal experience with Advion and Combat roach gels has been very positive. Both of these products are probably the best available products. Therefore, on a scale from 1 to 10, I will give Advion roach gel eight marks.

However, one downside of using Advion roach gel or any other gel bait is the mess it creates. Sometimes you come across these gels on places that you have to use too often, like cupboards, and then it feels messy.

FeaturesScore out of 10
Ease of Use8
Residual Effect7
Advion Roach Gel Effectiveness

According to a paper published in the Journal of Economic Entomology, there is are Genetic Basis for Resistance to Gel Baits. Therefore, if the same active ingredient is used repeatedly, certain species of roaches can become resistant to roach baits, including Advion Gel bait.

Moreover, the Advion roach gel does not have an expiry date mentioned on the pack, but my personal experience with old Advion roach gel has not been so good. After five years, the Advion roach gel loses its roach-killing power drastically.

Advion roach bait Gel vs. Other Roach killing Baits?

The market has a lot of cockroach-killing products with different results. But unfortunately, many products are human baits explicitly designed to attract customers.

These products are not effective at killing roaches, have poor availability, or have a high price to value they offer.

Interestingly, on the other side, most roach gels are very effective and have tough competition among themselves. There are only a few aspects in which one beats the other product.

I have tried to summarize and compare other roach gels with the infamous Advion roach gel.

FeaturesCombat MaxAdvionHarrisAlpine
Effectiveness9 (Winner)9 (Winner)88
Availability8 (Winner)78 (Winner)6
Ease of Use9999
Residual Effect678 (Winner)8 (Winner)
Comparison of Different roach gels (Score out of 10)

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Types of Advion Roach Gel?

Different Advion Max Roach gel formulations are available for sale with different packing, prices, and volumes.

However, it has the same formula across the board, irrespective of the type of packing or price. Therefore, you should buy combat roach gel based on your needs and level of infestation.

You can buy Advion roach gel at your local store or here on Amazon,

  1. Advion Evolution Cockroach Gel for Professionals or in case of heavy infestation (Comes with gloves for protection).
  2. Advion Arena Bag Cockroach Bait Stations for home or office use and in case of low infestation (Preassembled, highly affordable, and easy to use).
  3. Advion Cockroach Gel Bait 4 X 30 Gram Tubes (The infamous syringes with easy and thin application)


After using the Advion cockroach gel bait for quite a time, I was satisfied with the overall results. Moreover, I saw an excellent residual effect.

The one downside of the product is that it’s a little messy to use, has a fragrance (that I personally do not like), and in some places like the kitchen, the gel dried out quickly.

For Getting rid of cockroaches, Advion is my ultimate choice.

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