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I can’t sleep with a Cockroach in my Room [Solved]

Although cockroaches do serve a purpose, no one loves their existence. This is because of the filth and disgust associated with these slimy, greasy, and dark creatures. Moreover, cockroaches are known to spread disease and trigger allergies in atopic people.

If you can’t sleep with a cockroach in your room, all you need to do is,

  1. Try to kill the roach with a insecticide spray if available at hand or use hair spray, a lysol to or soapy water to choke them to death.
  2. Try to physcially squash the roach to death.
  3. Make the roach leave the room by turning on the lights in your room and turning off it in the gallery.
  4. Use body spray or any strong smell avialble at hand to ward the roach away.
  5. Use a torch to scare the roach to leave the bed room.

It is pretty common to get annoyed knowing that a cockroach is hiding somewhere in your room when instead it should have been a peaceful sleep. However, you don’t have to worry because I have some pretty quick and easy hacks to get rid of a cockroach trying for a quick play with you (Details are in the blog below).

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Other Products to try:

1. Combat Roach Traps (Easy than gel baits)
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Can you sleep knowing there is a cockroach somewhere in the room?

An infestation with cockroaches is not a joke. Unfortunately, for some people, cockroaches are the bane of their existence, like the one having katsaridaphbia.

One of my friends was so scared of roaches that he used to see cockroaches in dreams. However, this is not the case with everyone. How can you expect a man who loves to eat cockroaches and considers it a delicacy to be scared of roach in his room?

In short, it depends on the individual personality whether you can sleep peacefully knowing that there is a cockroach somewhere in the room.

However, a cockroach can’t make you sick just in a period of one night. Try to sleep peacefully and buy the best insecticides & traps right away the following day to kill that Moth***ucker cockroach.

What to do if you can’t sleep with a cockroach in your room?

You are not alone who can’t sleep knowing that there is a cockroach in his bedroom. Many people hate the mere sight of cockroaches so how can we expect them to sleep peacefully while a cockroach is waiting in a corner.

However, if you are one of them, do not worry instead,

1. Try to Kill the roach

A. if you have an insecticide spray available at your hand then it’s excellent. All you need to do is spray it in the room, close the doors, and turn off the lights. Ventilate the room after 15 minutes and the roach will be dead.

B. If you do not have insecticide spray, you can kill the roach by spraying hair spray directly over the roach. Moreover, Lysol also kills roaches effectively.

C. Another method is to make soapy water and spray it over the roach. It is also a quick and effective method to kill roaches.

D. If nothing is available at hand, try to kill the roach with a physical force. You can help yourself by using a brush with a long handle, a shoe, or anything easily available. All you need to do is spot the roach and squash it to death.

If you have failed to locate a cockroach you should try these 7 ways to get a cockroach out of hiding.

2. Make the roach leave the room

If you don’t want to kill roach or nothing is working, you can make the roach leave by,

  1. Switching on the room lights and turn off the galery lights. This way the roach will run away.
  2. Use a body spray to repel the roach.
  3. Use any natural roach repellent.
  4. Use a mobile torch to scare the roach and making it leave the room.

3. Change the room

If nothing is working for you, do not worry. Instead, just change the room for the night and work your way out the next morning, when you are fresh and active.

Tell them about your concerns and worries and do not be shy about asking your sibling or your friend to share a room with you.

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