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5 Best Roach Bombs and Foggers

A Roach bomb or a fogger is the same thing as an insecticide spray except that it releases the mist containing insecticide spray all at once; all you have to do is activate it. The mist spreads across the space, killing pests, including roaches. The roach bomb only works in a closed space, and each can have an effective capacity measured in a cubic centimeter of space.

The top five best Roach bombs are,

  1. HARRIS 12 Week Indoor Insect Fogger
  2. Hot Shot Fogger
  3. PT Alpine Fogger
  4. Bengal Chemical 55201 Roach and Flea Indoor Fogger
  5. Doktor Doom DDTRF3OZ 3-Ounce Total Release Fogger

All brands claim that they have got the perfect recipe, but I was not satisfied with the results whenever I personally used roach bombs. The roaches kept reappearing after days. Therefore, I took a particular interest in finding out why roach bombs keep falling.

I have written a very useful article: Why do I see roaches after bombing? To help you solve your problem at once.

Tired of cockroaches? Invest in only these products and follow the guide to eliminate roaches!

Use these products, and you will be roach free in less than a week.

1. Advion Cockroach Gel Bait (Review)
2. Gentrol IGR Point Source (Review)

Other Products to try:

1. Combat Roach Traps (Easy than gel baits)
2. Hot Shot Foggers (To kill in masses – 95%)
3. Pet Safe Killers (Uses Essential Oils)
4. Ortho Defence Outdoor Roach Killer (Prevent Roaches)

Top Five best Roach Bombs and Foggers: With Reasons

A highly rated roach bomb on Amazon doesn’t need to be essentially the best. Many of the times, a new product is introduced to the market, but because the old reviews on sites keep pushing the old products in a vicious cycle, the new, more effective products fail to kickstart.

Therefore, I personally used the products and distributed many with my close friends and relatives to add their opinion to the overall rating.

I judged roach bombs on the following points,

  1. Effectiveness at killing roaches within a confined area.
  2. Residual effect that keep infestation from reemmerging.
  3. Cost to Pack Size
  4. Safety profile
  5. Availabilty
  6. Opinion from other Users.

keeping these points in mind, I have rated the best overall roach bombs as follows,

1. Harris 12 Week Indoor Insect Fogger

This pack comes with 3 canisters, each to cover 2000 CC of space. On testing, the active ingredient killed bugs and destroyed eggs and showed 9 weeks of residual effect (Although they claim 12 weeks). Price is very convenient, and the product is always in stock.

Effectiveness: 9/10
Active Ingredient: Cypermethrin
Nature: Non-Organic
Down Sides: Product quality issue noted by one of my friends, Not fit around pets.
Cost: Economical

2. Hot Shot Fogger With Odor Neutralizer,

This product performed very well in terms of efficacy. I preferred the Hot Shot fogger over the Harris fogger because of its odor neutralizing capability. Still, my relatives were not convinced of the poor residual roach-killing effects (although it contains more cypermethrin). They said that roaches started reappearing after a week.

Effectiveness: 9/10
Active Ingredient: Cypermethrin + Tetramethrin
Nature: Non-Organic
Down Sides: High demand makes it short in supply, poor residual effect.
Cost: Borderline

3. PT Alpine Fogger

The good thing about this product is its safety profile. Although it is not as effective as the above foggers for roaches, it is great for bed bugs. It is safe to use around pets and children and can be directly applied to surfaces. The company claims its long-lasting residual effect for up to 7 months, but I noticed it not to be quite true while using it. It just had a residual effect for up to 2 weeks.

Effectiveness: 8/10
Active Ingredient: Pyriproxifen
Nature: Non-Organic
Down Sides: Expensive, Supply issues
Cost: Expensive for the quantity they offer.

4. Bengal Chemical 55201 Roach and Flea Indoor Fogger

This is probably the most economical fogger. If you want a cheap solution to a low roach infestation, this product is definitely for you. I found it compelling and has a good residual effect.

Effectiveness: 8/10
Active Ingredient: Permethrin
Nature: Non-Organic
Down Sides: Highly Toxic and Flammable.
Cost: Highly affordable

5. Doktor Doom DDTRF3OZ 3-Ounce Total Release Fogger

This is probably the safest of all foggers because the company claims to be safe around eatables. However, it is not quite effective and has no residual effect. The product is also highly affordable, making it ideal for low-budget users.

Effectiveness: 7/10
Active Ingredient: Pyrathimine
Nature: Non-Organic
Down Sides: The safety profile has downgraded the efficacy/ product quality issues.
Cost: Borderline

To know if your space is truly infested with roaches, Read: Top 9 Signs of a Cockroach Infestation.


After using the foggers for months, I conclude that every fogger has its pros and cons. Some are highly effective, while others are safe. It means that you need to compromise on safety if you want the fogger to be highly effective. Therefore, you need to choose the products based on your needs and infestation level.

If you have pets and children at home, use a Doktor roach fogger, but if you want the product to be highly lethal, I recommend Harris roach fogger.

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