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Can Cockroaches Survive Washing Machine?

If your home is infested with roaches and you are either moving out or done a treatment recently, you may be wondering, does washing my clothes in the washing machine will kill the hidden roaches inside them or not?

Cockroaches breathe through special openings in their body. The soapy water inside a washing machine with lower surface tension will penetrate these openings to kill a cockroach even before you spin it up. The high twisting force of the washing machine will kill the roaches and their eggs.

So, no, cockroaches can not survive the washing machines.

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Do Cockroaches Die in The Dryer?

Cockroaches will die from the soapy water of the washing machine before you put them in the dryer. However, suppose they survived or you just dipped your clothes in plain water, roaches will die in the dryer due to the high temperatures inside them.

Heat Based Dryer
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Can roaches live in washing machines?

It’s pretty common to find roaches near and around washing machines. Roaches can’t live or survive inside a washing machine, but they can live under or near the motor compartment away from the washing component. It usually’s humid and warm over there to support roach infestation.

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