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Cockroaches in Texas: Types and Control

Texas has a humid subtropical climate that favors pests infestation, mainly roaches. This is why Texas houses the second most infested city (Houston) in the US, with 40% of households reporting roach infestation (Source).

The most common cockroaches in Texas are the German Cockroaches, followed by Palmetto bugs, including American and Smokey brown cockroaches. Moreover, Texas also has a lot of Oriental cockroaches as well. All these roaches in Texas have a perfect environment to live, thrive and breed into billions.

It is essential to know that there is no such type of cockroach that has the name Texas cockroach. Cockroaches in Texas are the same as found in the rest of the world. Similar is the case with Spanish cockroaches, and no such type exists.

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It is Normal to Have Roaches in Texas

Cockroaches prefer to live in a warm, humid, and shady environment that offers a lot of food in form of garbage or filth and water. Unfortunately, the environment of Texas is no less than heaven for roaches. Therefore it’s very normal to have a Texas roach all year round.

However, during the peak summertime, when it’s pretty dry, cockroaches escape the heat resulting in a widespread roach infestation. Therefore the peak cockroach infestation period in Texas is from May to August.

Types of Roaches in Texas

Texas hosts many types of roaches because of the feasible environment it offers. However, five types of roaches are prevalent in Texas, that include:

1. German Cockroach

The German cockroach is the most common roach found in Texas. German cockroach measures half an inch in size with dark strips on the head. It has two wings but does not make German roaches flight capable.

The German cockroach is mainly found indoors in the kitchen, bedrooms, and basement and is known to spread disease and trigger allergies. Moreover, they reproduce very quickly and infest very heavily.

2. Palmetto bugs

Any cockroach more than an inch in size is a palmetto bug. American smokey brown and Florida wood cockroach are all known as palmetto bugs.

The American cockroach is the second most common roach in Texas and rarely infest homes.

The American cockroach is found mainly inside gutters and sheds but can infest homes. It measures one and a half to 2 inches in size and has light brown color with a flat body. The American cockroach has flight-capable wings and reproduces quickly. They have a life span of up to 2 years.

Smokey Brown Cockroach is the third most common Texas cockroach. It is 1 inch to 1 and a half-inch in size with dark brown to black rounded bodies with extended wings.

Smokey brown cockroaches infest homes across the more humid areas of Texas and love to live in basements and attics. But, they are also found outdoors across tree holes and shrubs.

The Florida wood cockroach is also a Texas roach living on the trunk of palm trees and rarely infest homes.

3. Oriental cockroach

The Oriental cockroach is also found in Texas, infesting hotels and apartments in great numbers. It is 1.25 inches with a glossy black striated exoskeleton covered with tiny wings. The Oriental cockroach does not fly and has a life expectancy of 6 months after reaching adulthood.

4. Red Runner Cockroach

These Texas cockroaches are also known as the Turkestan cockroach and are used as feeder insects for exotic pets. This cockroach is not native to Texas but was brought to the western part of the country for use as a feeder roach. Unfortunately, the atmosphere favors the roach, and that’s why recently infestation with red runner roach is being observed.

I have written a complete article on Red Runner roaches. Please read it here.

What does a Roach look like in Texas?

Texas has several roaches that appear quite different from each other. For example, some Texas roaches are tan-brown like the famous American cockroach, while others are black like the oriental cockroach.

Most of the texas roaches are oval with flat smooth bodies and range in size from one inch to all the way to 1.5 inches.

Getting Rid of Roaches in Texas

The atmosphere of Texas favors roaches; therefore, it may be challenging to get rid of Texas cockroaches. Before you embark on killing roaches, you must work on preventive measures to prevent the infestation from reappearing.

To prevent roaches, you need to apply the following measures,

  1. Keep the house clean with regular floor washing with detergents
  2. Cover the garbage bins properly
  3. Cover the bathroom drains when not in use
  4. Fix any openings in electric switches
  5. Fix any door gaps or leaking pipes
  6. Use mesh to cover windows and ventilators
  7. Use Natural Roach Repellents to keep roaches at bay
  8. Use IGR spray to prevent baby roaches from transforming into adults.

You can get rid of roaches in Texas by following methods

Method 1: Using Gel Baits

Gel bait is a slow but most effective method to kill Texas cockroaches. All you need to do is apply the gel baits around multiple house locations and wait for a few days.

Method 2: Using Insecticide Spray

This is a quick method, but chances of reemergence are high because all roach hiding places may not be covered. However, for a quick solution to roach infestation, you need to spray with doors and windows closed and wait for 20 minutes before ventilating the room.

Method 3: Setting Roach Traps

The beauty of using roach traps to kill roaches is that they are mess-free and safe around children and pets. All you need to do is place multiple traps across roach-infested places and wait for a few days. Then, you will be amazed to see the results.

Method 4: Using IGR Device

IGR devices are a recent development to control roaches. The device emits hormones that restrict the growth of baby roaches; therefore, over time, the population of cockroaches declines, and your place will be roach-free after six months of use.

The beauty of IGR devices is that it keeps on working for a long time.

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