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Tree Roaches Explained

Tree roaches are species of outdoors shrubs and rarely infest homes. Instead, they are accidentally carried inside the home along with firewood or timber. Unlike small roaches, tree roaches don’t visit sewage, so they don’t transmit enteric diseases. However, like other roaches, they can still trigger allergies and asthma episodes.

Tree roaches are a common name for Wood roaches and are often used interchangeably. Two major tree roaches are the Florida Wood cockroaches, also known as the Palmetto bugs, and the other is Parcoblatta species. Furthermore, Parcoblatta species are named based on their location and appearance.

The naming of cockroaches is often confusing in many countries, including the US. For example, three different insects are referred to as water bugs, i.e., Oriental cockroaches, Lethocerus Americanus (the actual Water bug), and the Brown American Roach. The same is the case with tree roaches. Therefore, I have written this article to remove all the confusion surrounding the tree roaches.

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Classification of Tree Roaches

As mentioned above, tree roaches and wood roaches are the same. Therefore, some people broadly call wood roaches tree roaches. However, for the reader’s ease, I will try to classify wood/tree roaches making them easy to understand.

Are Tree Roaches Dirty?

Cockroaches are known to transmit diseases, including typhoid and paratyphoid fever. Moreover, some of the dangerous bacterias known to humanity are also isolated from particular roaches (Source).

Interestingly, tree roaches rarely infest homes and are accidental intruders. Unlike small roaches that eat filth, live in sewage and bathroom drains, they never visit drains; instead, they live around timber and eat decaying plant leaves. That is why they are not dirty like other roaches.

Moreover, they do not transmit diseases but can trigger allergies. Interestingly, tree roaches more often infest homes that are made of timber. Therefore, people living in timber huts and houses should be extra careful.

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Getting Rid of Tree Roaches

Tree roaches are less timid and light-sensitive than other roaches. Therefore, they move around freely and are easy to spot and kill. Therefore getting rid of tree roaches is easy compared to others.

To get rid of tree roaches,

Step 1: Seal all the Entry points

Before you embark on exterminating tree roaches, it is essential to seal all entry points to prevent tree roaches from entering the house once you have successfully eradicated them. The tree roaches enter the house through windows, door gaps, and room ventilators. Cover the windows and room ventilators with wire mesh and door gaps with masking tape.

Step 2: Eliminate factors that attract Tree roaches

Tree roaches are attracted to decaying plant leaves and garbage. They are also attracted to bright lights. Moreover, a greenhouse near your home can also attract tree roaches. Therefore, Remove all the clutter and leaves. Don’t forget to cover garbage bins near the house and switch off unnecessary lights around the patio.

Tree roaches also enter the house, along with firewood. Therefore always inspect firewood before bringing it inside the house.

Step 3: Immediately kill accidental Intruders

If you have spotted a tree roach roaming around your house, it’s time to act quickly and fast. You can kill tree roaches with several methods as follows,

  1. Using boric acid
  2. Using Sticky traps
  3. Using Insecticide spray and Gel baits.

The most effective method to kill tree roaches is using gel baits. But, do you know How do exterminators get rid of roaches? Read this article to know more.

Step 4: Use IGR sparys to prevent tree roaches from breeding

The best thing about using IGR ( Insect Growth repellent spray) is that it will prevent baby tree roaches from maturing into adults. This is how it will prevent them from breeding and multiplying. All you need to do is spray IGR around the corners.

Step 5: Use Repellents to Keep Tree Roaches at the bay

Tree roaches can easily be kept out from entering your house using repellents. I prefer natural repellents because they are safe to use around pets and children. Moreover, natural repellents are more effective and long-lasting than chemical repellents.

All you need to do is mix a few drops of natural repellent oil and spray around entry points.

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