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Cockroaches in Michigan

Michigan is blessed with large water bodies that keep the climate moderate throughout the year. The moderate temperature is a blessing for the residents, but on the other hand, this keeps fueling cockroaches in Michigan. Thanks to rapid urbanization with poor housing, recently, there’s been a spike in infestation with roaches in Michigan, including Detroit and Lansing (Reference).

Cockroaches in Michigan are very common because of the suitable climate throughout the year, with German cockroaches the most abundant, followed by American, Oriental, and Brown Banded cockroaches. Although very common, Wood cockroaches accidentally infest homes in Michigan.

Not far ago, Detroit was the least infested state with rodents, including roaches and mice, with only 1.3% of residents reporting an infestation (Source). For comparison, in other cities of the US, the infestation with roaches was reported to be 11.3% on average by the United States Census Bureau, which is far more than the reported by residents of Michigan. Reasons to be discussed in the blog below.

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How common are cockroaches in Michigan?

Pests, including cockroaches on average, incur almost 20 billion US dollars to the economic loss each year. These losses include damage to property, health, losses in pest control, and damages to crops (Reference).

Cockroaches in Michigan were not too common long ago. Instead, roaches were a rare occurrence in major cities of Michigan. However, because of increased trade, rapid urbanization, and poor housing, the infestation with roaches boomed.

The warm temperature of Benton Harbor supports cockroach infestation very well, and that’s why it was the first city introduced to roaches, and soon they spread out through the rest of Michigan state.

Cockroaches in Michigan infest large residential complexes and apartments, hotels, and small neighborhoods such as Munising, Harbor Springs, and Ludington. This is because it offers cockroaches a well-controlled environment, plenty of food, and excellent hiding places.

Despite these facts, cockroaches are not that common in Michigan compared to other states such as Florida.

Types of cockroaches in Michigan

Although cockroaches are slimy, filthy, and disgusting creatures, you should know that cockroaches also serve a purpose. They are excellent decomposers of organic matter and help fix the nitrogen cycle.

However, it does mean that you should not kill cockroaches. Instead, you should get rid of them if they invade indoors because they carry diseases and trigger allergies, including asthma episodes.

All cockroaches do not infest homes in Michigan. Instead, many of the time, cockroaches are accidental intruders. However, the following types of cockroaches infest homes in Michigan,

German Cockroach

The German cockroach is the most common roach found in Michigan State. It measures half an inch in size with dark strips on the head called pronotum. German roaches have two wings but do not make them capable of flight.

The German cockroach is mainly found indoors in Michigan’s kitchen, bedrooms, and basement. They also spread disease and trigger allergies because they visit sewerage more often. Moreover, German roaches reproduce very quickly and infest very heavily.

American Cockroach

The American cockroach is the second most common roach in Michigan but rarely infests homes.

The American cockroach is found mainly inside gutters and sheds but can infest homes in Michigan.

American cockroaches measure one and a half to 2 inches in size and have a light brown color with a flat body. They have flight-capable wings and reproduce quickly. American cockroaches have a life span of up to 2 years.

Oriental Cockroach

The Oriental cockroach is also found in Michigan, infesting hotels and apartments in great numbers. It is 1.25 inches with a glossy black striated exoskeleton covered with tiny wings. The Oriental cockroach does not fly and has a life expectancy of 6 months after reaching adulthood.

Infestation with Oriental cockroaches was not a big concern in Michigan some time ago, but it’s gaining light because of recent spikes.

Brown Banded Cockroach

Brown-banded cockroaches have two noticeable lighter stripes across their back hence named brown banded. They measure about ½ inch long and infest homes and apartments in Michigan, but rarely restaurants.

Brown Banded roaches need less moisture than the German cockroach, so they tend to infest cities with less moisture like Alpena.

Wood Cockroaches

Wood roaches live in timberland and are accidentally carried inside the house with firewood. They infest homes made of wood but are easy to exterminate because they are less shy than other roaches and roam freely.

Wood roaches are the only roaches native to Michigan. The rest of the types were introduced from outside the state.

Although all counties are infested with Wood roaches, St. Clair County and Losco county in Michigan has the highest infestation rates with wood cockroaches.

Do you know the biggest cockroaches measure more than 3 inches in size?

How to get rid of roaches in Michigan?

Getting rid of roaches in Michigan is no different than other places across the US. This is because almost the same types of cockroaches are found in the rest parts of the country. One slight variation is infestation with wood roaches.

To get rid of roaches in Michigan, use any of the following methods,

Method 1: Gel Bait

Gel bait is an excellent method to get rid of roaches. All you need to do is select proper locations for the application of roach gel and wait patiently for the results. Gel bait will disinfect your place from roaches within 15 days.

The locations to apply gel roach include,

  1. Kitchen and bathrrom cabinets
  2. Under the furniture and carpet
  3. Behind the curtains
  4. Around the electric appliances such as Refrigirators and ovens

Read this article Where do Roaches Hide? to learn more about applying gel baits.

Method 2: Insecticide Spray or Roach Bombs

Insecticide spray or roach bombs are quick solutions for getting rid of cockroaches in Michigan. The one problem with these products is that they kill roaches but do not destroy eggs; hence, we start to see roaches again after a few weeks.

However, using IGR spray with Insecticide spray will solve this problem.

Method 3: Traps

Traps are very effective, easy to use, and mess-free to get rid of roaches. All you need is to place them at designated places and wait for a few weeks to see the results. Replacing the traps a few times gives excellent results.

After you have successfully exterminated roaches, you must prevent reinfestation by applying the following precautions,

  1. Pick up clutter, spilled food and garbage.
  2. Use Natural Palmetto Bug Repellents to keep roaches at bay.
  3. Cover crevices and gaps in doors and windows with masking tape.
  4. Use mesh screens to prevent male Wood roaches from flying inside.
  5. Use IGR spray to keep baby roaches from maturing into adult bugs.
  6. Inspect fire wood before bringing it inside the house.

Bugs that look like cockroaches in Michigan

Michigan houses many bugs that look like cockroaches that enter houses. Unfortunately, without the proper knowledge, they might be confused with cockroaches.

Therefore, I have listed the bugs that look like cockroaches in Michigan to make it easy for you to distinguish them.


They have a whitish body, and a small antenna should be enough to convince you that it’s not a cockroach.


Beetle’s are different because their wings are covered by a layer, which is why you won’t see them as much as you would see cockroaches. Second, they have bright flashing colors.

Water Bug

Water bugs are the look-alikes of the cockroaches, except that they are a little bigger to be considered one.

June Bugs

June bugs are fond of light and are primarily attracted to it, which is the opposite of the cockroaches,

Bed Bugs

Beg bugs have a round oval-shaped form, a shorter antenna, and are much smaller than roaches.


Crickets are more cylindrically structured than roaches.

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