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Does Salt Kill Roaches? (Do THIS Instead?)

Finding a quick and easy way to kill roaches, especially home-based products, is no less than contentment. Unfortunately, many of these products, like vinegar and baking soda, do not effectively kill roaches. However, they can temporarily be used and sometimes provide slight relief from roaches.

Similarly, one might think, does salt kill roaches? No! the common table salt does not kill roaches. Moreover, salt even does not repel roaches or any other insects. However, certain salts such as Alum or Epsom are toxic to insects, including roaches.

Epsom or Alum can be used to kill roaches effectively, but the market is full of more effective, easy to use, quick, and highly affordable products. Therefore, it excludes the need for Epsom or Potash Alum to kill roaches or other bugs.

Instead of opting for a poor roach-killing product or trying some less useful home remedy, I recommend you to use one of these products.

1. Max Force Glue Traps (Amazon Link)
2. Advion Gel Baits (Amazon Link)
3. Harris Powder Bait (Amazon Link)
4. Gentrol Growth Regulator (Amazon Link)
5. Loctite Foam Sealent (Amazon Link)

Optional Items
1. Gel Bait Professional Gun (Amazon Link)
2. Torch (Amazon Link)
3. Powder Bait Puffer (Amazon Link)
4. Insecticide Spray to kill a reveled colony in a single shot (Amazon Link)

However, please read this article: How to get rid of roaches? Before you buy a product.

Why Salt Does Not kill Roaches?

The common table salt is among the most stable compound. It is transparent to a white crystalline substance that is pretty innocuous. The salt does not kill roaches or any other insect because of the following reasons,

  1. Cockroaches does not love to consume salt because it lacks calories.
  2. Unlike boric acid or baking soda which produces gases (that are lethal) when consumed by roaches, salt lacks this feature.
  3. Salt does not puncture or damages the cockroach or insect body, rendring itself pretty harmless.

Does killing a cockroach attract More? Read this interesting article to get your answers.

How Epsom kill roaches?

Epsom is a white to pinkish or green crystalline salt that looks like a needle. It is a slightly acidic substance with a pH ranging from 5.5 to 6.5.

Epsom kills roaches and other insects by its abrasive properties. It punctures the insects’ exoskeleton or skin, which dehydrates them, and slowly, the insects die of dehydration.

Epsom salt takes between 2 to 4 days to kill bugs or roaches and therefore is very slow compared to other products.

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