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Cockroach in Hotel Room: Refund? (Secure PROOF First!)

Hotels are often visited, making them prone to infestation from various pests, including bed bugs and roaches.

In addition, visitors usually bring or take these pests with their luggage; the hotel room acts as a hotspot of infestation.

Therefore it is common to think can you get a Refund if your hotel has Roaches?

Yes! Most high-end hotels will get you a refund if your hotel room has roaches. All you need to do is provide them with proof in the form of a photo or a video.

Please make sure not to ask for a room change as one infested room means all rooms are infested.

Moreover, help them contact the third party if you booked via them.

It is vital to visit the room before finalizing the deal because getting a refund can sometimes be tricky.

Therefore, when visiting a hotel room, make sure it does not smell musty because it is the first sign of a roach infestation (more signs down the blog), and you should avoid staying there at all costs.

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How to get a Refund if your Hotel has Roaches?

Living in a hotel room infested with roaches is probably the biggest mistake you should make.

This is because you are prone to infection and risk your home with an infestation that will cause you great distress.

Therefore, If you have encountered roaches in your hotel room, you must get a refund; here is how you can work it out,

Step 1: Document the infestation

The first step is to document the infestation so that you have an apparent and solid reason for asking for a refund.

Better take pictures or record a video on your cell phone covering the room number.

Step 2: Contact the Front desk

Once you have hands-on proof, contact the reception and tell them about your concerns. Then, show them a video or any other proof you have gathered.

Step 3: Call the Manager

If the front desk fails to cooperate, immediately ask for the hotel manager.

The hotel managers are usually more cooperative and know more about refund policies.

Also, don’t be shy to share it if you have any medical reason, such as an allergy to roaches.

Step 4: Ask for the Refund

Politely ask about a refund and tell them about your good prior experience with the hotel.

Tell them that I will be using the hotel if I need it, but I can’t now. This will most likely make things go smooth.

Step 5: Do not Negotiate

The Hotel management will try to negotiate on changing room for you.

Don’t fall for this trap as other rooms will also be infested because it is usually a building-wide infestation.

Instead, tell them that you don’t want to change rooms and need a refund.

Can a hotel refuse to give a refund?

Most hotels will not try to lose a customer and either negotiate and change a room for you or give you a refund.

However, some hotels have a no refund policy, and they usually make things worse for their costumer.

It is better to ask about the refund policy before checking in, in such cases. Moreover, please do not pay the hotel all the money at once.

Instead, divide the bill and pay them later. This way, they cant keep hold, and you will have better control over the money.

However, if nothing is working for you, ask the manager about your concerns and tell them if they do not give you a refund,

  1. You will never visit again
  2. Tell your friends and family about your bad experience
  3. Leave a bad review on Google Maps, Airbnb, Trustpilot, etc.
  4. Share it on social media
  5. Sue them

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Can you sue a hotel for having roaches?

It is the right of every guest staying at a hotel to be provided the basic amenities deemed necessary by the law.

Moreover, leisures and facilities vary among hotels and their prices.

However, a pest-free environment, including rodents, bed bugs, and roaches, is the bare minimum standard of the hotel that must be maintained at every cost.

If a hotel fails to provide the guest with a roach-free room, he can sue the hotel for mental and physical damages caused.

However, proving an infestation and damages caused by the hotel in a court of law is often tricky and requires a lot of money and time.

Therefore, it’s better to solve your problem via dialogue instead of sueing the hotel management.

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How to check for a hotel room Infestation?

A hotel room with an infestation is enough to ruin your whole trip. Therefore, before checking into a hotel, you must look for a roach infestation.

All you need to do is follow these steps,

Step 1: Smell the room

The smell is the first and most important clue to a roach infestation inside the hotel room.

A room that is infested with roaches emits a musty stench like urine. If the room smell awful, it’s a red signal, do not check-in.

Step 2: Turn off the lights

Turning off the lights inside the room for 3 to 5 minutes will activate hidden roaches because they prefer a dark environment.

They will move out of their nests in search of food and water. Try not to make sudden moves or noise.

Step 3: Look around the Roach hiding places.

After turning on the lights, immediately check around and under the furniture, cupboards, cabinets, sink, and drains for roaches.

These places will indeed have roaches if the hotel is infested.

Step 4: Observe Cockroach Marks or Leftovers

If you fail to see any roach, look for cockroach smear marks or leftovers, such as eggshells, body parts, and desquamated exoskeleton. These leftovers are usually present in corners and around electric appliances such as microwave ovens and fridges.

Moreover, a carpeted hotel room has more chances of being infested than the one with tiles.

How do you make sure roaches don’t travel with you?

Follow these steps to make sure roaches don’t travel with you,

  1. Deep wash your clothes carefully with detergents
  2. Carefully pack each cloth and observe for attached roaches or eggs.
  3. If you are carrying electronic devices, make sure to exterminate roaches from them by using roach bombs or insecticide spray
  4. If you are planning to stay for long, spray your items with IGR spary to prevent accidental roach nymphs from maturing into adults
  5. Keep Natural roach repellents or mothballs along with your items to keep roaches at bay.

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