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How to clean Roach Poop off the Circuit Board?

Have you wondered why roaches infest the back panel of electric appliances like fridges and microwave ovens more commonly? This is because the electric panel emits heat that attracts roaches. Moreover, the electric panels are enclosed in metal covering, providing an added sense of protection to roaches from predators.

To clean the roach poop off the circuit board,

  1. Remove any electric supply to the board (In case you are working with an expensive circuit board, always wear an anti-static wristband)
  2. Remove any loose connectors or removable ICs
  3. Brush off the loose poop with the help of a nylon brush.
  4. Modestly spray a small quantity of isopropyl alcohol over the hard poop.
  5. Gently brush the area again.
  6. Intermittently spray isopropyl alcohol if needed.
  7. Once the circuit board is clean, let the alcohol evaporate.
  8. Carefully observe the board for leftover poop, nylon brush hairs, and alcohol.
  9. Connect the circuit back to the electric supply.

A circuit board covered in roach poop is most likely to get damaged shortly. This is because the roach poop prevents the heat from dissipating and can cause electrical short circuits. Therefore, if your electric boards show cockroach smear marks, it’s time to act fast unless you have to pay a hefty amount in losses.

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Can Roaches Ruin Electronics?

Electronic appliances carry very complicated electric circuit boards inside. The thousands of micro transistors are linked in a close approximation. A minute quantity of electric short circuit is enough to destroy the circuit board.

Moreover, electric circuit boards are so sensitive to short-circuiting that even high humidity can essentially destroy them (Reference).

Although the bodies of cockroaches are bad conductors of electricity, the liquid roach poop is not. In months of summer, due to high humidity, the solid roach poop can turn into a liquid. This liquid roach poop can give rise to short circuits that immediately destroy your circuit board.

In addition to it, a thriving colony of roach inside electric appliances needs a high food supply. Once the supply of food is limited, the roaches will start feeding on the electric wiring of the electronic appliances, destroying them.

Do you know that roaches love to lay eggs inside electronic devices? Read this article to get Rid of Roach Eggs immediately.

Cleaning Roach Poop off the Circuit Board

Cleaning the roach poop off the circuit board is easy and fun. All you have to do is to be extra careful. Unfortunately, the static charge built up can destroy the electronics (Reference). Therefore, If your electronic appliance is an expensive item, I recommend not to attempt it as a DIY project. Instead, ask for professional help.

However, if you are attempting to clean a roach poop off the circuit board, follow these steps,

Step 1: Unplug the circuit board

Don’t take safety for granted. Always double-check to ensure the circuit board is completely disconnected from the electric supply. Remove any loose connectors or ICs. This will help the cleaning fluid penetrate better.

Step 2: Brush off the loose Poop

Carefully observe the whole electric board and physically brush off any loose roach poop with the help of a nylon brush.

Step 3: Spray Isoprople Alcohol over hardened Poop

If the poop is hard enough to resist dry brushing, spray a modest amount of isopropyl alcohol. You can also apply the isopropyl alcohol over the nylon brush directly if you lack a spray.

Step 4: Brush Again to Soften the Poop

Once you have applied the alcohol, try to soften the poop with the help of a brush.

Step 5: Spray more If Needed

Repeat alcohol application if needed. There is no limit to the number of times the alcohol is applied.

Step 6: Make sure to Dry the Board

Once the board is clean, make sure to dry it. You do not need to wipe alcohol with a cloth. Alcohol is highly volatile and will evaporate quickly.

Step 7: Inspect the Board

Before you reassemble the circuit board, make sure to scrutinize the board. Remove any loose brush hairs or repeat the procedure if needed.

Step 8: Carefully Re-Assemble

Once you have done the job, carefully reassemble the components back using a manual.

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