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Does Pine Sol Attract Mice? [No! it Repels]

Rodents like mice, murids, rats, and squirrels might appear innocent with their looks, but they can be a real nuisance and problem. They can destroy your property, damage your belongings and eat almost anything coming their way.

However, murids and squirrels seem not a more significant problem, but mice and rats infesting your home should never be taken lightly. They not only chew onto everything but can also transfer and act as reservoirs of diseases, including the deadliest of all; Rabies (Reference).

No! Pine-Sol does not attract mice but instead is excellent at repelling them. This is because pine sol emits a strong refreshing odor which rodents, including mice, rats, murids, and squirrels, hate.

However, if you intend to catch or kill mice using a trap or bait, never use pine sol near it because it will make them go away and will not come near your trap or bait.

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Do Mice like the smell of Pine Sol?

As mentioned earlier, Pine-Sol contains a refreshing natural oil that gives it its unique and soothing smell.

Although it seems that the smell of Pine-Sol will attract rodents, including mice, and rats, towards it, the opposite is true; Mice do not like the smell of Pine-Sol.

Instead, all rodents hate Pine Sol’s smell, which is why when you apply Pine-Sol indoors, it keeps them away.

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Does Pine Sol Keeps Mice Away?

The type of rodents or bugs inside the house depends on several factors, such as the house’s location, city, humidity level, and season. However, common house rodents and bugs include mice, rats, bed bugs, cockroaches, and flies.

Like other natural repellents such as Neem, Levander, and Clove Oil, Pine-Sol works by releasing a powerful smell that stays on the applied surface for a long.

Pine-Sol repels rodents, including mice, rats, and bugs, effectively keeping them away.

How do you use Pine-Sol to Repel rodents and mice?

Pine-Sol is an excellent disinfectant and antiseptic and, at the same time, can be used as a natural rodent repellent. Here is how to use Pine-Sol to Repel roaches,

Step 1: Mix 6 spoons of Pine-Sol in 1 liter of water

The first step is to dilute Pine-Sol because pure pine Sol might destroy certain surfaces like unpolished wood or limestone structures.

Add six spoons of Fresh Pine-Sol to 1 liter of water for dilution and thoroughly mix the solution.

Step 2: Pour the solution into a spray bottle

After thoroughly mixing the solution, pour it into a spray bottle. It will make the application very easy. Also, adjust the bottle nozzle to fine mist to prevent surface stains.

Step 3: Spray the solution across multiple locations

Spray the solution around the house and in places where mice and rats hide. The pine Sol will keep rodents and bugs repelling for up to 8 to 12 hours. Repeat the process if needed some other day.

It is essential to know that Pine-Sol Ingestion can be toxic and cause severe symptoms such as Ataxia (Reference). Therefore, always use it cautiously and keep an eye on pets and children.