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Palmetto Bug [Is it a COCKROACH?]

“Palmetto bugs go wherever they want, whenever they want, regardless of the newness or cleanliness…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Jun 24, 2022

Cockroaches in Oregon (Fear THESE ones!)

Oregon has a Mediterranean climate with long, warm, humid summers and chilly, snowy winters. These…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Apr 27, 2022

Cockroaches in Indiana (Fear THESE ones!)

Indiana is a midwestern state with a subtropical and warm, humid climate. Unfortunately, it is…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Apr 26, 2022

Cockroaches in Florida: All you need to know

Florida is love, and so are its sandy beaches and warm subtropical climate. Florida has…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Apr 25, 2022

Cockroaches in Colorado (Fear THESE ones!)

Colorado is a unique state with a diverse climate ranging from dry, hot deserts to…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Apr 23, 2022

Cockroaches In Virginia: All you need to know

You will be amazed to know that Virginia is blessed with approximately 7000 miles of…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Apr 22, 2022

Dog Licked Roach Gel (Do THIS First!)

Dogs are equipped with a highly sensitive sense of smell. This helps them locate the…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Apr 20, 2022

Brown Banded Cockroach (PESTS to Avoid?)

Brown Banded Cockroach belongs to a small group of cockroaches and has successfully infested almost…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Apr 18, 2022

Florida woods Cockroach (Not WHAT You Think!)

The US has almost 85 types of cockroaches. Most of these cockroaches live in the…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Apr 18, 2022
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Cockroach Facts

Can cockroaches Climb Walls? (Secret LEG Hooks?)

Like many other insects, roaches also can climb steep surfaces like walls, trees, rocks, etc.…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Apr 2, 2022

Can Cockroaches Survive Washing Machine? (SPIN Resistance?)

If your home is infested with roaches and you are either moving out or done…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Apr 1, 2022

Can Roaches Eat Through Plastic? (Powerful JAWS?)

Cockroaches are gross and very hard to eliminate. Sometimes, we keep using natural home remedies…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Mar 31, 2022

Roach Getting In a Car MEME (Is it REAL?)

A roach getting in a car is a popular meme started on Twitter when a…

ByByAbdul Basit, MD.Mar 27, 2022

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