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Visiting a House with Roaches

Cockroaches are attracted to many factors, including poor plumbing, open garbage bins, spilled food, and smell from bathroom drains. A house that does not support cockroach life is least likely to be infested with roaches, and that is why some people only keep finding dead cockroaches in their house.

When you are visiting a house with roaches, you need to,

  1. Make sure you luggage including bags and boxes do not have entry points for cockroaches to get in.
  2. Apply natural roach repellets to your belongings to keep roaches from infesting them.
  3. Not to wash your cloths or other items with your host (the friend or family member) this might transfer cockroach eggs.
  4. Refrain from cleaning activities with your friend.
  5. Spray your items with insecticide or IGR spray before entering back to your house.
  6. Observe for a possible early signs of cockroach infestatation in your house such as cockroach smell.

If you plan to visit a house with roaches, you need to be extra careful because you might carry infestation along with you in the form of living roaches or eggs. Once cockroaches that you have brought along find a feasible environment inside your house, they will start to move to places that support their life and breeding activities. Within the next few months, your house might transform into a roach breeding ground.

I will be sharing details on what to do when visiting a house with roaches in the blog below.

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Visiting a house with roaches: What to do?

Infestation with cockroaches is no joke. It may destroy your property, transfer disease, or trigger allergies. It will make your living no less than hell.

In addition, no one knows whether the house they are visiting is infested with roaches or not. Therefore, until and unless proven otherwise, every house should be considered roach-infested, and you should always prepare yourself to prevent roach infestation.

Follow these steps when visiting a house with roaches,

Step 1: Analyze the house

The first step is to analyze the house you think might be infested with roaches. For this, the first clue to infestation will be a musty stench emitted by cockroaches. If you smell musty urine like an odor, it’s sure that the house is infested with roaches.

Also, look for signs of infestation, such as finding roach products such as living and dead roaches, cockroach poop, desquamated skin, and eggshells.

The places to look for roaches include furniture, kitchen cabinets, washrooms, and electric appliances such as fridges and microwave ovens.

You can also ask the homeowner about roach infestation to make things easy for you.

Step 2: Cover your luggage

If you have successfully known that the house you are visiting is infested with cockroaches, make sure to adequately cover your luggage with a thin food packing sheet. In addition, look for entry points in your luggage and close them with masking tape if needed.

Please do not open your luggage unnecessarily to prevent cockroaches or eggs from entering it.

Step 3: Use Natural Cockroach repellents

The best thing to keep roaches away from your belongings is to use natural roach repellents such as lavender or peppermint oil.

All you need is to mix a few drops of oil in water and spray it on your luggage, including boxes and bags.

Step 4: Avoid Indulging in Cleaning

You must avoid indulging in cleaning activities with the homeowner. This will prevent the accidental transfer of roaches.

Moreover, do not wash your clothes or other items with the homeowner because it is customary to transfer infestation during the washing process.

Step 5: Spray your items with insecticide or IGR spray

Before going back to your house, spray your items with an insecticide spray to kill any roaches that might have escaped precautions. IGR spray is also helpful and will render roaches infertile.

Step 6: Observe for a possible early signs of cockroach infestatation in your house

All good, the last important step is to observe your house for early signs of infestation such as cockroach smell. This will help you control infestation in its earliest stage.

Cockroaches Can travel in clothes

It is very easy to transfer roach infestation from one place to another via multiple routes such as electric appliances, luggage, and clothes.

Clothes are probably the easiest mode of cockroach transfer from one place to another. This is because cockroaches have spikey legs and get easily mingle with clothes fiber. Moreover, clothes usually have multiple hiding spots, such as pockets and folding.

It is essential to know that clothes are ideal for cockroaches to hide and nest because of their comfort. Therefore, cockroaches are known to lay eggs inside stored clothes.

To get rid of cockroaches from clothes, you need to wash them with hot water mixed with detergent. Keep the clothes dipped inside this for at least 15 minutes. It will kill roaches and destroy eggs.

You may also use mothballs to keep roaches from infesting stored clothes.

Roaches can travel from house to house

Cockroaches first appeared on the face of the earth 360 Ma ( Mega Anum) or 360 million years ago. Cockroaches are thought to have appeared in Africa, and soon roaches spread all around the globe. Cockroaches were brought to the US via ships and trading.

These indicate that cockroaches can travel from house to house and one place to another. For example, an apartment infested with roaches means that the whole residential complex or building is infested with roaches.

The roaches travel from house to house via,

  1. Luggage including groceries
  2. Via sewage drains
  3. Open entery points such as door gaps, ventilators and electric circuit boards
  4. Common Garbage bins and garages.

Therefore, you must prevent roaches from traveling from house to house via these routes.

Someone might bring roaches to your house

It’s pretty common to get infestation from your neighbors but have you thought that someone might bring roaches to your house along with their belongings.

If someone is visiting your house for a weekend, you must know that they might bring roaches to your house via their luggage. Therefore you should ensure to prevent infestation by following these steps,

  1. Make your house un ihabitable for roaches to survive by regularly cleaning it with phenol
  2. Party hard but do not let food items stay on surfaces.
  3. Use IGR devices. If some how roaches get by mistake the device will keep infestation in check for you.
  4. Use a quick insecticide spray to kill roaches that someone might have brough to your house.

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