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Why do I keep finding dead cockroaches in my house?

You will be happy to know that, If you keep finding dead cockroaches in your house, you need to worry.

This is because, in case of a heavy infestation in your house, it is impossible to only find dead roaches; you must see alive cockroaches roaming around the house freely.

If you keep finding dead cockroaches in your house, your house is not fit for cockroaches to survive (a good thing). In other words, cockroaches keep invading your house but remain unsuccessful at establishing a colony because of failure to find food, water, and appropriate shelter.

Moreover, finding dead roaches in the house can also mean that your neighbours have a heavy infestation and are using cockroach baits or other products that slowly kill roaches.

In such cases, you must ask your neighbours about infestation and prevent roaches from entering your house.

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What does finding dead roaches in your house means?

The Internet is flooded with information about finding dead roaches in your house. Many bloggers claim that this means your house is heavily infested, and roaches are fighting for survival.

Contrary to this, common sense says that how is it possible that although your house is heavily infested, you have never seen live roaches roaming around your house?

This is something different. So let me get you straight to the answers.

Finding dead roaches in your house means,

1. Roaches can’t survive in your house

In other words, warm and humid places with plenty of dispersed or open food and many hiding places favour roach infestation. Conversely, a house that lacks available food and water and is minimalist fails to provide the resources for a roach colony to breed.

It’s a fact that cockroaches can’t live without water for more than seven days.

Hence, when the cockroach invades the house accidentally or intentionally, it fails to find food and water and is incapable of living hence dying.

2. Your Neighbors are Using Baits to kill roaches

One of the other reasons for finding dead roaches in your house is that your neighbours are fighting a roach infestation using gel baits. Moreover, your house is easily accessible to roaches via entry points.

Once the roach consumes baits, they start to wander around and may have entered your house, but the bait killed them at the wrong time.

You can confirm this by asking your neighbours about an infestation, and if it’s the reason, you must know How to get rid of Roaches coming from Neighbors.

3. You have been over concerned

The only reason for finding many dead roaches in the house is that you have been overly concerned about roaches lately.

You might have heard about the risk associated with roaches and have been thinking about it more often. For example, Seeing ads on Facebook makes you think your microphone listens to you.

In short, it makes you feel you see many dead roaches, although it’s normal to see one or two dead roaches a week or two.

This is also true for individuals who have katsaridophobia or see roaches in their dreams.

Do Dead Cockroaches In House Pose Risks?

Roaches are known to spread diseases like typhoid and paratyphoid fever.

In addition, some roaches have been studied to carry dangerous bacterias known to humanity, including, Salmonella, Shigella, Campylobacter, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, and Klebsiella pneumonia (Source). Moreover, roaches are known to trigger allergies and episodes of asthma.

However, If the roaches are killed using insecticide, they have an additional risk of poisoning in pets and children.

Therefore, you must not take them lightly; instead, dispose of dead roaches properly.

What to do if you keep finding dead roaches in your house?

One of my colleagues told me that he found dead roaches in his house more than usual for a few months and was concerned about the disease spread and health risks.

He told me that he contacted a professional exterminator who told him that: If you keep finding dead roaches in your house, it seems that your house is easily accessible to roaches from the outside. You must work on preventing roaches from entering your house by,

  1. Cover drains properly when not in use.
  2. Fix leaking water and sewerage lines.
  3. Cover crevices and gaps in doors and windows with masking tape.
  4. Use Natural Palmetto Bug Repellents to keep roaches at bay.
  5. Ventilate your apartment well.
  6. Pick up clutter
  7. Maintain your wardrobe and cabinets orderly.


If you find dead roaches more than usual, you must not worry, instead, talk to your neighbour and help him exterminate roaches. Moreover, keep your house safe by eliminating the factors that attract and allow roaches to enter your house.

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